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  • Basic principle of low-carb dieting and my 3 favorite recipes

    Originating back in the 19th century and redefined and popularized in the 70’s by an American, Dr. Atkins, the low carb diet has been used by people wanting to lose and maintain their goal weight for a very long time. It has recently become popular again with the rise...
  • anti-inflammatory-salads

    5 salads that reduce inflammation

    As the science progresses and the number of studies on the subject grows, so does the evidence supporting the claim that a significant % of our ailments can be tracked back to the inflammation ravaging our bodies and immune systems. With the fast-pace living we put our bodies through...
  • spring-salad

    5 Finger-licking Spring Salads

    If there’s time to go enjoy and experiment with the ample leafy greens, it’s the spring. As the market livens up with fresh smells and colors of snap peas, lettuce and radishes so should your body. There’s no better time to toss up some exciting combos of seasonal veggies....

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