Best commercial food processor – best food processor for professional use

Now, let me tell you, the best professional food processor is hard to choose, and I've been compiling the data I need for months before I had enough of a sample to make my final call on the winners of best commercial food processors.

Update: Even for 2021, after I have tried other new products, KitchenAid KFP1642CA is still the best food processor for professional use. To sum it up, you should stick to this choice when you need a commercial grade food processor.

My standard rating methods were useless here because restaurateurs and chef are not so much into providing reviews of the best food processor they use.

So here is what I did to understand the commercial food processor market:

  1. I contacted restaurants and chefs asking for an opinion on the best professional food processors and most of the time they politely dismissed me.
  2. I rinsed and repeated the process until I got the view of 100 chefs/professionals (exactly 807 chefs/restaurants contacted to get 100 opinions)
  3. After that, I compiled the data and offered them here so that you can choose the best food processor

It was a slow, repetitive processor, but it now allows me to provide you with the precise numbers (%) of how many of them voted for a particular product.

In these conversations with the chefs, I learned a few things on what the PROs are looking for when getting a commercial food processor.

Best professional food Processor – Here are a few tips on what they look for:

  • they always go for a food processor with the base sitting on top of the motor, with the workload it’s supposed to handle the ones that have a side mounted motor die within months, even the best and most expensive of them (too much mechanics included, the power is transmitted using a belt)
  • The tube that is wide enough to almost eliminate (minimize) the need for pre-cutting (this makes all the difference in prep time)
  • Versatility (especially with the number of slicing discs) – good criteria for choosing the best food processor.
  • Volumethey do have sidekick food processors (mini choppers) that you can use for lighter jobs, but for their main food processor they rarely go below 14 cup volume
  • Dough making – most of the chefs that agreed to take part in the poll have a modern practical approach and had the opinion that making of the dough for pastry/cakes/bread manually is somehow better is a myth and that if chosen right, a professional food processor does as good as job as any baker

Let’s take a more in-depth look into the models they recommended:

PictureModelConclusionRead more
KitchenAid KFP1642CA Candy Apple Red Pro Line 16-cup Food Processor ReviewKitchenAid 16-Cup Food Processor KFP1642OB Pro Line SeriesOur Favorite
Robot Coupe R 2 N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor with 3 Quart BowlRobot Coupe R 2 N Continuous Feed
Combination Best Food Processor with 3
Quart Bowl
The runner-up
Waring Commercial FP2200 Batch Bowl and Continuous-Feed Food ProcessorWaring FP2200
commercial food processor
The best design
Robot Coupe R301B Commercial Food ProcessorRobot Coupe R301 Ultra B
Commercial Food Processor
The classic one
Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Food Processor ReviewWaring Commercial WFP14S
Batch Bowl Best Food Processor
with LiquiLock Seal System
The splurge

Choice 1: KitchenAid KFP1642CA Candy Apple Red Pro Line 16-cup Commercial Food Processor

KitchenAid KFP1642CA Candy Apple Red Pro Line 16-cup Best Food Processor ReviewThe specifications of the best food processor for commercial use:

  • materials used: stainless steel, aluminum, plastic – all highest quality for unparalleled endurance, shredding disc (dual size adjustable), dough-blade, a case for storage, spatula
  • 16 cups volume and versatile work bowls
  • includes: prepping bowl (10 cups), mini bowl (4 cups), slicing disc (adjustable for thickness)
  • easy to work with large batches of food
  • all the materials are BPA chemicals free
  • North American Standards built it, so it has good quality for USA and Canada
  • size: 1.4 ” x 22″ 20.2 “
  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 40 pounds

Read more customer ratings and buy at

More about the product:

Precise dicing: First model in the industry to introduce hands-free dicing that meets professional standards, this model makes the dicing effortless.

Adjustable speed: The external lever can slice from thick to thin in one smooth slide. The speed levels featured in this professional food processor are optimized so that you can choose one that precisely suits different types of food, from hardest to softest.

Super wide and versatile feed tube: 3 in 1 feed tube (Ultra Wide): It is designed to offer a choice between horizontal and vertical slicing.

Full capacity used: What the label says is what you get. Most of the lower-end food processors list one volume but have an engraved maximum capacity that’s lower than the one listed.

Not the case with KFP1642SR – the locking system and with an ultra-light seal and leak-resistant rings allows you to fill the food processor to the full listed volume without any risk of spilling the food.

Ergonomic handle: The handle is designed to minimize wrist fatigue – soft-grip and non-slip design.

In short, all these made me choose it as the first option in the best food processor for commercial use area.

Robot Coupe R 2 N Continuous Feed Combination Professional Food Processor with 3 Quart Bowl

It is a commercial food processor that can meet the needs of the biggest of restaurants, its main strength being variable speeds that are entirely computer controlled.

The shipping weight is close to 99 pounds, unit weight 92 pounds.

Check out the Amazon offer here >>>

More about this commercial food processor:

Robot Coupe R 2 N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor with 3 Quart BowlThe fact sheet:

  • able to prepare 2000 servings in under 3 hours
  • commercial use only
  • the speed settings are variable and computer controlled
  • Feed attach designed for continuous use
  • In spite of the power, the base only occupies 14.2 x 14.3 “
  • 2 separate plates included (C450GPA & C446SA)
  • RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) in the range from 370 to 3450
  • 120V – 60 – 1 ph
  • amps – 15
  • HP -3
  • Power cord – 5 to 15 P
  • Electronic products certifications – CETL and ETL
  • safety switch (magnetic)
  • the motor support base is full heavy-duty metal and extremely durable, made to last a lifetime
  • Veggie prepping attach. features 2 openings (deep feed), both for smaller and bigger produce
  • easy-remove attachments design speeds-up the cleaning making it super easy
  • 2 processing discs

Optional discs and accessories:

Moreover, you have 36 additional discs available and a disc rack (regular of wall mounted).

Waring FP2200 commercial food processor

Waring Commercial FP2200 Batch Bowl and Continuous-Feed Food ProcessorSpecifications:

  • Batch bowl (volume – 6-quart dry food and 4-quart liquid) made of durable Lexan resistant to scratches and breaking
  • two handles for easier use and added stability
  • the feed designed for continuous use – extremely durable polycarbonate with the capacity of up to 1400 oz, the bowl is scratch/break resistant
  • features included: 1/8 ” disc (slicing), 3/16 ” (shredding), S blade and innovative mid inch blade, brush for cleaning, food-pusher
  • Height: 26.6 “
  • Base: 16 x 12 ” (width and depth)
  • weight 84 lbs
  • 3/4 HP motor
  • feed space 22 square “
  • in addition, it has one of the most flexible warranties in the commercial food processors (5-year motor, 2-year labor, and parts)
  • Certifications and approvals – CUL, UL and NSF
  • You can buy it online at Amazon.

More details about the electric specs:

  • voltage of 120V
  • the wattage of 672 W
  • Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) – 1780
  • One speed

Optional accessories:

Over a dozen optional discs available for slicing, grating, chopping, mixing, shredding and Julienne.

Final thoughts on the Waring FP2200:

This commercial food processor fits somewhere in-between the two previous entries on our list. Not as powerful as the Robot Coupe R602VC it is better suited for smaller kitchens and restaurant.

Even with all the features and power, it’s still easy to use. When you read all of the above, you would think that it must include complicated controls, but you would be wrong. In short, it contains just 3 buttons – On, Off and Pulse.

One of the main strengths is that it offers the convenience of basically having 2 types of processors in one unit (batch bowl and continuous feed).

The oval chute is 6.5 x 3 ” (length and width) which can comfortably allow for a continuous flow of feeding.

Smartly designed so that you don’t need to empty the batch bowl, it automatically feeds into your ingredient bowl or bins for storage.

Safety-conscious design – the interlock system does not allow you to turn on the unit if not correctly assembled.

Easy to clean – every part comes off quickly and is safe for a dishwasher – covers, batch bowls, food pushers – everything.

Robot Coupe R301B Commercial Food Processor

Another entry on the list coming from Robot Coupe. During my 9-5 office days, I knew that they were a big deal in the commercial food processors industry, but I have to be honest and say I am surprised by what I heard from the chefs while taking the poll to compile this guide. Surprised at how dominant they are when it comes to bigger restaurants with more significant volume needs.

I’ll let you in on something else here – two of their models got to this list, but 5 got to the list of 10. Granted, these are far behind the models presented here, but still – half of the list of top 10 being Robot Coupe commercial products, that’s huge.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to this specific unit.

See what actual buyers had to say about this fantastic food processor on this dedicated Amazon page.

In short, this model is for those restaurateurs and chefs who understand the value of seconds saved and will not settle.

Robot Coupe R301B Commercial Food ProcessorThe basic specs – standard model:

  • the bowl is durable plastic (handle only attachment)
  • standard S blade, 4mm slicing disc, medium 2 mm grating disc, discharge plate
  • the motor is direct drive and cooled by a powerful fan
  • the capacity of 3.5 QT
  • Revolutions per Minute – 1725
  • weight 40 pounds, shipping weight around 42 pounds
  • amps – 9
  • electrical requirements – 120v / 60 / 1 ph / single phase
  • 1.5 HP
  • lastly, it is ETL and CETL certified

Additional discs available (optional):

  • slicing (6 options available, starting from 1 to 6 mm) and a ripple cut slicer
  • grating ( 6 options available, from 1.5 mm to 9 mm and a hard cheese grater)
  • pulping (standard pulping and fine pulping)
  • Julienne (6 options from 2 x 2mm to 8 x 8 mm)

Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Professional Food Processor with LiquiLock Seal System, 3-1/2-Quart

This monster of a food processor can process up to 700 pounds of food per hour. Certainly, that fact alone says a lot.

Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Food Processor ReviewFeatures included in the standard model:

  • the capacity of 2.5 qt
  • slicing, grating, shredding and julienne processing goes straight to the bowl – eliminated the need for bins in smaller tasks
  • includes: S blade (serrated), slicing, julienne, and grating disc
  • pulse control for precision and finer processing
  • bowl and cover (both clear) – rugged, durable polycarbonate, scratch and break resistant
  • warranty – limited 5 years on the motor and full 2 years parts
  • the motor is commercial HP grade – reliable with the hardest of food processing jobs
  • feed tube – 10 square “, reduced prep time and steady amounts of food going down the tube
  • same pusher used on both batch and continuous processor
  • two different sizes of tubes included – one for horizontal cutting and larger pieces and the second for vertical cutting and smaller foods
  • easy cleaning – flat paddle features hefty controls that are easy to use and clean (all dishwasher safe)
  • safety – safe interlocking doesn’t allow the machine to work unless assembled right, and SAFETY RESET button for manual reset (protects from overload)
  • voltage – 120
  • Revolutions per Minute – 1750
  • lastly, it is NSF and cUL certified

See more customer reviews and ratings here on

Additional (optional) features and accessories:

  • Over 20 extra discs are available for anything from slicing, grating, shredding, and Julienne.

Few facts about the companies

About KitchenAid

KitchenAid is an American brand of appliances, and the Whirlpool corporation owns it. It established in 1919 and their primary focus at the time was stand mixers. They started expanding their portfolio of products in 1949 when they began making dishwashers.

Today they are best known for small home appliances, but as you saw in this guide, they mean business even in the arena of more powerful commercial food processors. And you already know. I chose their product as the best food processor for commercial use.

About Robot Coupe

Based in Jackson, Mississippi, Robot Coupe started their story about 30 years ago. With their innovative product, they completely changed the landscape of food processors, by showing restaurant owners how much time they can save.

Since those baby years, Robot Coupe has grown beyond anything the founders could imagine. As a result, today it’s an industry standard in commercial food processors.

I must admit that, even though I am in the industry for years, before compiling the chef poll and this guide, I wasn’t aware of how dominant they are in the field.

They are leaders of the industry in most of the paramount aspects like innovation, quality, ease of use and customer service. Just recently they have been honored by the industry community of dealers by being titled “Best in Class” in the arena of food processors.

Effectively using a commercial food processor by maximizing the nutrients that enter your body is a good substitute for even the best gummy vitamins for your kids.

Furthermore, Some of the other products they are famous for:

  • R2 – tabletop cutter
  • CL60 – veggie prep machine for commercial use
  • immersion blenders – various models
  • Robot Coupe juicers
  • Robot Coupe Blixer
  • Magimix by Robot-Coupe.

About Waring Commercial

Best known as the company that introduced the blender to Americans, Waring Commercial Products is one of the leaders in the industry of commercial food processors, home appliances and lab equipment.

Since Fred Waring, the founder introduced what he called “the miracle mixer” in 1937 the company started accelerated growth. The name of the product changed to “Waring Blender” and, for Waring Corporation, it was only uphill from there.

Therefore, they are famous for producing the highest quality grills, toaster, and similar heat appliances.

The line Waring Pro brought a wide range of professional quality products to the market – everything from professional food processors to juicers and waffle makers.

With almost 80 years of experience and constant progress, it’s not strange that Waring had two entries to the list in this guide.

Some of the other products they are famous for:

  • Waring food slicers line (especially the Waring Pro food slicer fs150)
  • The Waring food dehydrator – professional quality
  • Waring Panini Grill – commercial
  • Last but not least – Waring Pro grills

Final thoughts on professional food processors

One thing to keep in mind when you read this guide is the fact that from all the chefs I contacted, most of the ones that agreed to take part in the poll work in smaller restaurants.

It brought some bias to the poll, and that’s precisely why I included the extra column in the table of the “winners” that indicates the size of the establishment or restaurant the unit is best suited for.

Although by Far the least expensive, the first entry on the list is best suited for diners and restaurants that have similar needs in terms of food processing. Bigger establishments that organize events would probably be better off with one of the items in the table (top of the page) marked with “Bigger venues/restaurants.”

During this guide, I tried to do my best to provide as many detailed reviews of commercial food processors as possible, but my expertise in the industry here is far less critical than the real-life experiences of chefs using the units daily.

So, now I have a database of chefs that are willing to share their thoughts with me, and I intend to “bug” them for 20 seconds of their time every few months and see if the landscape of this guide on best professional food processors changes over time.

In conclusion, for you, the restaurateur/chef, this means that the information found here is always fresh and relevant.

Take care of yourself and your business.

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  • James
    19 February 2016 at 9:00 pm
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    Oh, I got the Waring WFP14S and it’s aaaaamazing.
    And I got a 30% discount on Amazon… really happy about it.

    Thanks so much Andreea for this site, it spared me hours of searching and asking around on forums.

    Stay well!

    • Andreea Dalena
      19 February 2016 at 9:02 pm
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      Hi James,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yeah, I saw the discount and was amazed – what I considered the Splurge option is now actually one of the cheapest for a commercial processor…

      It’s amazing value for the money that’s for sure.

      My best to you!

  • Sandra M
    21 June 2016 at 10:48 am
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    I got the Robot Coupe R2N from – it was a no-brainer for me actually.
    I need it to process large volumes for my business and it does an amazing job.
    I would recommend it any day.

    Great job with the comparisons, Andreea – the other options look good as well, but I’ll stick to my Robot Coupe.


    • Andreea Dalena
      22 June 2016 at 12:51 pm
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      Yeah, I know what you mean by it – Robot Coupe is a top brand.

      Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  • Karen
    31 July 2016 at 6:59 pm
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    I am looking for a food processor that will make almond butter. It seems that these all do more chopping, dicing, slicing… Would any of these be good for making almond butter? Could you make a recommendation? Thanks,

    • Andreea Dalena
      17 October 2017 at 6:33 pm
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      You should try the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Food Processor. It’s a great example of commercial food processor that does what you need and much more.

  • david pierce
    4 January 2018 at 7:16 pm
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    I recently upgraded to a Robot-Coupe SS301. The Cuisinart had numerous shortcomings that I put up with over many years and was glad to replace it. As far as quality and functionality Robot-Coupe blows Cuisinart out the window. The Robot-Coupe was more expensive but well worth the extra cost. Robot-Coupe’s larger capacity, sturdier construction, more even chopping and blending, large feed tube with the slicing/dicing attachment and most importantly, feeds the sliced, diced and chopped food into an external bowl.

    • Andreea Dalena
      26 February 2019 at 12:59 am
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      Thanks David for your message and sorry for the delay. I also love the Robot-Coupe commercial food processor and you mentioned all its pros. Good choice!

  • Kim Bakker
    9 December 2018 at 2:31 pm
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    Could someone answer me this question: Is the waring commercial food processor basically the same as Cuisinart food processor. I am limited with my attachments for my 14 cup Cuisinart and was hoping that the continuous food chute attachment from the waring would work for my Cuisinart

    • Andreea Dalena
      26 February 2019 at 1:08 am
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      To my knowledge, the attachment does not match. Follow the link provided, and I think you’ll find in the user manual (there is a PDF user manual available to download for most of the products) the exact dimensions for both professional food processors you mentioned, and you’ll see for yourself. Hope my idea helps.

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    […] Best commercial food processor […]

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    I was so confused to get a new professional commercial food processor, how to take it? What should the features be? But reading this wonderful informative article of yours helped me a lot. I just bought a new commercial food processor and your awesome buying guides, reviews, and easy tips greatly helped me while purchasing it.

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