Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food Processor review

Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food Processor Review


Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food ProcessorWith my background of a Quality Assurance Manager in a factory of small appliances, I can say I’ve developed somewhat of an expertise for choosing best products at a very reasonable price.

But before we go any further down that road, let me tell you what you can expect from this review:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specs
  2. We’ll go through a selection of positive and negative end user reviews – PROs and CONs
  3. I’ll give you my final rating on this product and try to figure out if it suits your needs or not

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So, let’s begin with product specs:

  • Generous 14-cup capacity for maximum size of batches of food
  • Wide mouth of the feed tube; no pre-cutting needed
  • PowerPrep and Touchpad Dough Control and dough blade for the best dough
  • How-to video, spatula and recipe book included
  • 10-year warranty(for the motor)

Not too shabby, but let’s see how the end users have to say about this product:

The PROs:

  • Best food processor I’ve had, I couldn’t be happier with it.
  • The Cuisinart PowerPrep Plus is assists me beautifully. Large enough to handle all the food I need in one batch.
  • I started cooking practically on a daily basis after I got this Cuisinart because it’s so easy to use and even easier to clean.
  • This was my first food processor, so the video that came with it really demystified the machine and gave me great cooking tips. And I thought I didn’t have it in me to cook nice meals…
  • All the parts of this food processor fit just right in my dishwasher, so cleaning is a breeze.
  • I really do not know how I ever lasted so long without it..
  • My husband and I have one word to describe this model.. wow.. It eliminated all of my frustrations that I had with our previous food processor..
  • This is my third food processor and a wonderful accomplice in my cooking ventures.. So far the best one I’ve owned.
  • What a solid and useful appliance. I’ve had it for about 10 years, and I have no complaints so far..
  • I hesitated a bit at first because of the price, but in the end I went ahead and splurged.. Boy, am I glad I did. It doesn’t take up much space because all of the parts pack nicely into the bowl, and I can put them all into my dishwasher.
  • I especially like how the feed tub pusher inserts, and you don’t need to twist it, what a great new method.
  • Performs beautifully on large grating and chopping jobs, even on extra hard cheese and nuts..
  • I like the safety interlock feature, it really means a lot when you have a house full of children…
  • The large feeding tube is great for whole potatoes and big chunks of cheese I need to get grated. So far it worked wonders on everything from nuts, herbs, seeds, vegetables..
  • This Cuisinart is a workhorse; I use it every night of the week and it doesn’t overheat.
  • Large capacity, heavy duty blades, lots of power.. I’m a working mom so not having to make more than one batch of anything for my family really saves a lot of time.
  • It’s so easy to use, and it doesn’t move around the counter when on like my previous food processor did. It’s also very easy to store and clean. Powerful and user-friendly, everything I needed…
  • buy at amazon

Enough with all the praises, let’s see what complaints have the end users had so far:

  • All the safety features can sometimes be a drag.. You actually need to remove the feeder when you want to open the top…
  • After only a few years of use my bowl cracked and finding a replacement has been a pain in my…
  • I wish it was shipped with some kind of blade holders or a separate container just for them…
  • After already buying this model, I’ve realized it doesn’t have the 3×3 mm julienne disc that I wanted…

Review resume and Overall Quality Rating:

Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food Processor reviewAfter a detailed inspection of this product and after going through virtually every piece of information available on this product, I’m ready to break it down for you.

So, this is a really big and powerful food processor, no doubt about that. It is ideal for a large household or throwing big parties, or just simple everyday food preparation.

My Quality Assurance Manager sense didn’t “tingle” at any point of time, and I really tried to find a major flaw to this product.

The only thing that caught my eye was the fact that it doesn’t come with a separate blade holder, and a company that invests so much in safety features like Cuisinart does should know better.




Cuisinart FP-12BK Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor review

A new model from Cuisinart – The Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor FP-12BK – Complete Review

Cuisinart FP-12BK Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor

I used to work in quality assurance with one of the bigger players in the industry, I can definitely see right through all the courses of fancy food with names you can’t even pronounce and tell what appliances they’ve used. They had a sidekick, and I’m here to help you choose yours, or at least get you a step closer to finding the perfect kitchen helper.

But let’s first see how this review will look:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications as issued by the company
  2. We’ll go through a collection of positive and negative end user reviews
  3. We’ll give our final grade to this product and try to figure out if it suits your needs or not

See the latest customer feedback and amazon price

Product specifications:

  • 1000-watt powerful motor
  • 2-cup work bowl and a smaller 4-cup work bowl included
  • Dough blade, stainless-steel slicing disc, chopping and mixing blades, shredding disc are all included
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Spatula, a recipe book and a how-to DVD are included
  • Built to fit Electrical Standards of North America

Let’s not get wooed by all the things we’ve seen so far and let’s go through some user reviews first:

  • What an outstanding machine. I don’t think I’ve had a better cooking experience that after I got my Cuisinart.
  • The thing I like the best about it is the fact that it replaces a small and a large food processor because it has two work bowls of different capacities, so you can use the same food processor to cook just for two or 6 people.
  • It handles everything that you throw in it with ease, and you can tell just after a few uses that it’s a high-quality product made to last. I can see myself using it for at least 5, maybe even 10 years if I’m careful.
  • The instruction DVD is actually worth watching, and it contains about 15 recipes that showcase this food processor and gives good ideas for how to use the product. It gives you great cooking tips too.
  • It helps me out with almost everything I do around the kitchen these days…
  • This food processor was one of the best investments I’ve made this year since I use it practically every day. It has Cuisinart FP-12BK Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor reviewalready paid off its worth in all the time it saved me on cutting by hand and pre-cutting.
  • This baby is really quiet considering the fact that it has such a powerful motor. I’m very impressed with the consistent results.
  • It’s is really easy to operate, and the lid comes off with a small push of two buttons, and installs when you simply press it on to the work bowl.
  • It arrived two days after I ordered it, and I immediately put it to work. First I watched the DVD and got the very same results as the friendly chef from the video…
  • I made mostly bread with it so far, and I was impressed with how well it made the dough and how easy it was to clean it afterwards. It’s so user-friendly and easy to store, I love it.
  • I have very limited storing options, and I was impressed with how everything nests into some other part and how little space it actually takes up in our cupboard. It is really quiet at work as well…
  • I am not a professional chef, but I’m a professional carpenter, so I appreciate a good tool. This one is everything I expected it to be at first glance. The brushed metal finish is looking good. The bowls are made out of heavy plastic and feel like they’ll last…
  • buy online at Amazon

And now for some negative end user reviews:

  • Mine arrived broken in a battered box… this is going back…
  • The cord that is supposed to be stored underneath the food processor got damaged, I’m waiting for a replacement..
  • It’s kind of heavy for me to move it around the kitchen on my own..

Review resume:

I have to give it to the designers from Cuisinart- the nesting bowls are such a smart solution. That’s definitely a useful feature that will save you a lot of money on buying more than one food processor.

However, as a former Quality Assurance Manager I have to notice that the storage space for the electric cable was not designed as safely as it could have been.

8-Cup Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 70450 Review

8-Cup Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 70450 Review – One of the best Hamilton Beach models, no doubt

8-Cup Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 70450 Review

In order to make sure that you’ve chosen well, there are things that you need to pay close attention to…factors like versatility, strength of the motor, quality of materials used.. If you didn’t plan to invest so much time into research on the best food processors, don’t burden yourself. That’s what this website is all about.

As a person who worked as a Quality Assurance Manager for little over 8 years in a factory of small appliances, I’m able to crunch the numbers instantaneously and estimate the realistic value of the product in question. Of course, I’ll do this review step by step.

Let’s break it down and see how this review will look:

  1. We’ll see what the folks from Hamilton Beach have to say about this food processor
  2. We’ll review end user experience, both positive and negative, PROs and CONs
  3. I’ll give this product my final rating and see if it’s a good investment or not

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Product specifications:

  • 300 watts powerful motor
  • Saves you kitchen space with in-bowl storage
  • Easier cleaning; Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Easy to use, On/Pulse options
  • 8-cup capacity

Now for the positive user reviews as per end users:

  • This is the best food processor I’ve had so far, it works wonderfully.

It has plenty of room so you can cook for many people at once. It’s great for family reunions and holiday food preparation; it cuts my prep time in half when I make larger quantities of food.

  • This is truly an excellent and powerful food processor. After my 15-year old one, this one seems to do everything in warp speed…
  • Definitely worth the money. I’m really into kitchen appliances, and this bad boy can go for miles. I’ve had so many food processors, and this one would definitely rank high in my top 5…
  • Does exactly what it says it will do. Quick, quiet, efficient. Easy to use, and even easier to clean. I like the On/Off and pulse buttons, they are highly responsive…
  • It did a great job on any food so far, even home-made pasta dough. Slicing and shredding blades work as well as the mixing…
  • It looks solid and built to last. The blades are really sharp and well-built. It’s almost too powerful for its size, but the motor doesn’t heat up no matter how long I abuse it…
  • It worked great so far for my 5-member family. It’s really easy to clean, and it doesn’t gather dust as it’s easy to store it in the bowl itself…
  • My husband cooks in our family, so this was a present for him. So far, he has reported no problems and says that it saves him a lot of time in the kitchen…
  • It works wonders with baby food ingredients. I like how I can make a big batch and then just store it in the fridge. The best part- my baby doesn’t seem to notice when it’s on…
  • It arrived on time and in good condition. Does what it says it will on the box…
  • So far I’ve made hummus, pie crust, cookie dough, pesto, biscuit dough and I have no complaints. It works great on salads as well…
  • Great food processor, it’s really light, but very powerful. It’s easy to manage, and it’s very user-friendly…
  • I like the bowl lock extra safety option, and the fact that it closes smoothly. The best thing about it- I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it…very satisfied…
  • buy at

Now for the negative user reviews:

  • I know it’s an 8-cup capacity food processor and all, but if you put less than half a cup of anything in it, since the blades are sitting high, it won’t even touch it…
  • I live alone, and I wish I’ve gotten a smaller one…it’s not so good if you need smaller batches…
  • The feeding tube doesn’t seem to be able to fit whole potatoes, so you have to cut them in half before you put them in…

Food Processor review resume:

After all that we’ve learned and read today, the time has come for us to evaluate this product. My overall impression of this product is- what you see is what you get. Sturdy, powerful and quiet are the best epithets to describe this Hamilton of generous 8-cup capacity.

As a former Quality Assurance Manager, I am obligated to direct your attention to some potential problems that you might encounter. Keep in mind that this food processor has minimal and maximal capacity and that it won’t process any quantity of food under the marked minimum.


Mondial Food Processor Model MP-01

Mondial Food Processor Model MP-01 Review

Mondial Food Processor Model MP-01

As an ex Quality Assurance Manager of 8 years in a factory of small appliances, I believe it’s safe to say that I’ve got what it takes to find all these features combined in one product. So, buckle up, we are going on a ride through a world of food processors. It’s not going to be a long ride, because I’ve done all the research and I’ll go through all of the results with you, step by step.

But first, let’s see how this journey will look:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications
  2. We’ll go through a pool of positive and negative end-user reviews
  3. We’ll give our final grade to this product and see if it’s everything we hoped it will be

See more pictures and customer reviews on Amazon

Product specifications:

  • Modern Design
  • Pulse Button
  • 1.5 Cup Capacity
  • Safety Lock
  • Blades are made out of stainless steel

This product doesn’t speak to me so far, so let’s go over some positive end-user reviews of this food processor:

  • When it first arrived at my doorstep, I immediately unpacked it and put it to use. I threw in frozen fruit, vegetables, you name it. It’s been surprising me with its power ever since…
  • It is absolutely perfect for cooking for one, and could easily be used to cook for a large family, too. It’s so adorable and works so blasted well. I really do not know how I lived without a food processor for so long
  • This is by far the best food processor I ever had, and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I have no complaints so far…
  • I have arthritic hands and shoulders. With less strength to prepare food, this food processor is a great assistant to do chopping jobs quickly and efficiently…
  • I’m stubborn about buying kitchen appliances because when it really comes down to it, I’d rather just chop by hand than pay for a processor. I’ve been getting by with some knives.. This food processor is the perfect size for someone like me who cooks for one or a small group of friends…
  • It does a wonderful job, and it’s not a pain to clean either. The cleaning part is really important to me because I switched to this one because my last one was still working, but there was so much food stuck under the blades that I just gave up on cleaning it…
  • It doesn’t have a large work bowl, but I just make more batches when I have friends or family over. It’s still much faster than cutting everything by hand. It just saves me so much time in the kitchen…
  • It’s a really powerful food processor, and in addition, it chops wonderfully. I can now make everything I need, from soups and salads to hummus and salsa in under 10 minutes…
  • It’s a wonderful little helper; I just don’t know what I would do without it. I also got one for my mother as a Christmas gift, she loved it. I simply don’t know how did I manage to find the time to chop everything by hand in the past…
  • This is perfect for my small apartment, and I didn’t need anything bigger than this. It works wonders on garlic, onion, nuts, herbs…
  • I cook from scratch a lot and this food processor does come in handy. I used it to chop walnuts for cookies and for cookie dough I made as holiday gifts, and everybody loved them…
  • see a very good offer – at amazon

But let’s hear out the other side of the story as well:

  • It’s a great product, but I wish it came in more colors. Black is OK, but I wanted the stainless steel option, and I could also see it in red…
  • There is no chute to add ingredients gradually; something I never used anyway, but I think it’s worth pointing out…
  • Then the product arrived it was missing the chopper blade which made the processor useless. I’m still waiting for a replacement…
  • My only complaint is the short power cord. It limits where I can position it on my counter when working…

My final rating and review:

Let’s cut right to the point – this is a great food processor, especially considering the fact that it’s really inexpensive.

It’s a great way to save money, and get all the functions that you absolutely need.

This is a great small food processor, so it would be ideal for cooking for 2-3 people.

All in all, this is a great and efficient solution for smaller households that are working on a budget.

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor with Compact Storage review

What secrets does Hamilton Beach 10-Cup food processor hold? Find out in this thorough review

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor with Compact Storage

The good news is- I’m here to help you.

I worked in quality assurance with one of the bigger brands in the industry and I’ve been reviewing food processors on this website for years. In this short review, I will try to get you a step or two closer to making the purchase that fits your needs perfectly.

But first, let me walk you through all of the steps of this review:

  1. We’ll review the specifications of this product – as provided by Hamilton Beach
  2. We’ll take into careful consideration both positive and negative end user reviews
  3. I’ll summarize everything and give the product a final rating

See what chefs that use it say on

Product Specifications:

  • Powerful 500-watt motor
  • Chop onions, grate cheese, mix sauces, prepare pesto, shred cabbage, or slice vegetables for salad in the matter of seconds
  • Large feeding tube; fits a whole block of cheese
  • Chopping blade and slice and shred reversible discs are included in this offer
  • Lid can be flipped over for easy storage; saves cabinet space
  • So far everything sounds peachy, but let’s see what real end users have to say about this food processor.

Positive reviews as per end user reviews of this food processor:

  • This is the very best food processor I’ve had so far. It does the job quickly and efficiently. It’s really easy to use, and it doesn’t take up too much space.
  • So far it has worked great on nuts, vegetables, combinations of those two, cheese, herbs.. We’ve even made guacamole, pesto, hummus and salsa for dinner parties since it has such a generous capacity, and it works wonders…
  • This machine is truly the fastest I’ve had so far. It got delivered super fast, and it’s really easy to use and easy to clean. No complaints…
  • It looks really great in my kitchen, and I like the design. It also looks like it’s built to last.
  • It does what it says it will on the box. It’s cut my prep time in half, and I’m really grateful for that….
  • The motor is really powerful, and the blades are super sharp, so it chops anything so fas..
  • I use the pulse option most of the time. It’s really easy to clean, and it’s a great unit to have if you often cook for more than 2 people or want to store a big batch of, let’s say, pesto…
  • It came super fast and in a wonderful box…it would make a great present, too…
  • I started canning, and this little guy was of so much help. And not just for vegetables, but for the cheese too…
  • It’s really easy to store, it doesn’t take up too much space for a big food processor. Smart design
  • It’s not only really inexpensive, but it works just as well as my old one that cost twice as much…
  • It’s almost 50% cheaper to grate your own cheese than buy the shredded kind…
  • It looks really sturdy, so I hope it lasts for a long time…
  • It’s really easy to assemble, use and then clean this product. I’m definitely going to make more salads and cook more home-made meals now that I have this bad boy…
  • Does exactly what it says it will. It doesn’t take up too much space…
  • There are no small parts, just three big ones…loving the simplicity of it…
  • This is simply a really great food processor with a great capacity. Just the right size for my big family dinners…
  • It does a great job at both chopping and mixing…
  • see amazon price

CONs – the negative user reviews of this food processor:

  • I didn’t realize just how big bowl capacity a 10-cup processor has. I usually cook for two people, so I should’ve gone with a mini food processor…
  • I wish there was some kind of slow setting…
  • I measured how many cups of water it can fit until it reaches the recommended maximum line, and it’s only 6-7 cups. It technically fits 10, but you can’t process it as well as when you use the recommended amount…
  • My bowl broke after a week of use…

My final review resume and overall rating:

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor with Compact Storage reviewAnd now for my favorite part- the final evaluation and grading of this product. So far we pretty much got the picture of what this Hamilton can and can’t do.

It’s a big and powerful machine that is multipurpose as well. As an ex Quality Assurance Manager, I really tried my best to find some major flaws or shortcomings to warn you about.

Unlike most units with many features, this food processor showed satisfying results when tested for each and every one of them.

The only thing I need to warn you about, and trust me, I can’t stress this one enough, is the fact that any and every food processor bowl has a minimum and maximum requirement.

Basically, that means that it won’t work well at all if you stuff it over max capacity, and you wouldn’t get any results if you put too little food inside either. So, don’t take the advertising number for granted.

Kitchen King Manual Food Processor

Kitchen King Manual Food Processor Review

Kitchen King Manual Food Processor

These little guys can sometimes be the cause of a lot of frustrations, and sometimes they can be the best thing that has happened to your kitchen and with this review, I will try to help you tell the difference between the two.

So, this is how this review will look:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specs
  2. We’ll go through a selection of positive and negative end-user reviews
  3. We’ll give our final grade to this product and try to figure out if it’s worth it or not

See what cooks that use it say in their reviews on amazon

The product specifications:

  • Small and handy manual food processor
  • Chops and slices with just a few twists
  • Processes your food in a few smooth turns of the handle
  • Doesn’t need an electric plug
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Suitable size and weight for traveling
  • Very sharps blades for quickest results
  • Comes with a spatula

And now let’s see some positive user reviews:

Kitchen King Manual Food Processor review

  • It’s really handy and easy to use. Great for making soups and salads, especially for seniors…
  • I’ve quit using my big food processor for smaller batches and chopping and slicing jobs because it’s so much easier to use and store afterward, and cleaning is a breeze…
  • It’s really easy to operate. Just a few smooth twists and everything is chopped/shredded. It makes food preparation a lot easier…
  • I bought one for myself and one for my daughter as a Christmas gift. We both love this little guy. It’s simply that good at chopping.
  • I bought this one because I need something for finer works, and the blades haven’t failed me so far. I’m really satisfied with this purchase.
  • The blades are surprisingly sharp and durable. They do wonders on nuts, herbs, vegetables, and so far I’ve made killer hummus and salsa.
  • So far I’ve only made salsa and pico de gallo with it, but I was really impressed with the results. For such a small guy, it really does a smooth job.
  • Comes with tons and tons of attachments. Also, you can do so much, I have had it for over a year and it still works like new.
  • Since I’m not that strong, I was afraid I won’t be able to use it on harder food like nuts.. I’m glad I was wrong. I’ve made great chicken salad with it, it’s great if you want to make food for two people fast.
  • I was really skeptical at first, but I’ve had this manual food processor for over a year now, and it hasn’t failed me so far. Making salads and soups, which I need the most, has been a breeze.
  • The most important thing about it it’s that it’s easy to clean. I hate when food gets stuck in my big food processor, and it’s virtually impossible to get it all out. This is why I started using this manual food processor for almost everything.
  • Does everything that it’s supposed to do, plus it surprised me with how fast it works. Doesn’t require a lot of strength to operate, and the blades are really sharp. So far so good.
  • I really do not know how I chopped all that onion without this little guy. I now chop onions in seconds with no tears, and just for that alone, it’s worth the price.
  • see amazon offer

Ok, let’s not get swept off our feet right away, and let’s move on to negative user reviews:

  • Replacements for work bowls are so difficult to find that I didn’t even want to bother, and I purchased a new one.
  • Well, it’s okay, but cooking for two sometimes means that slicing and dicing are almost as easy when done by hand…
  • Be careful with the blade assembly, they are all very sharp and don’t come in a separate holder…
  • Mine arrived with a broken leg, and I’m currently waiting for a replacement…

My final rating of this product:

I’m not really big on manual food processors, but this one seems like something that can change my mind. I was, of course, looking for key flaws and shortcomings, and so far I found nothing that could make me discard it as a waste of money.

This is a very practical and versatile product for a manual food processor. However, I have to say that I’m not really pleased to hear that they don’t make replacement work bowls. It does kind of make sense because of the price, but it’s still something that I have to note.

Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep 525-Watt Food Processor Unbiased Review


Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep 525-Watt Food ProcessorIf you want all the information about a certain product packed in a very reasonable amount of words, just keep scrolling down. Welcome to my review.

Who am I and why would you listen to me?

I’ll be free enough to say that I am a connoisseur of all those kitchen appliances out there. I’ve dedicated many years to writing blogs and reviews about them, constantly trying to give my readers an edge when shopping for a perfect helper in their everyday kitchen activities. I got to know all about the industry, and I pour all of that knowledge regularly into all of my reviews.

I also put a great deal of effort to collect as many user experiences as I can, as I put a great value in what customers have to say about the product I’m reviewing. That’s the top currency for me, as handling real-life tasks and challenges are what a good product is all about.

See more pictures and compare prices at

Sections of my review

I have a distinct pattern when writing these reviews, so give me just a moment to introduce it to you.

Here are the sections you can expect to see:

  • We’ll start things off with a manufacturer’s specification about this product. It will bring it closer to us and give us something we can confirm or negate once we get over some of the user experiences
  • Follow up usually consists of PROs and CONs. Here we go over good and bad things that came up while this product was actually used
  • Finally, I’ll say a thing or two from my own perspective and bid you farewell

Pretty straight forward if you ask me, so let’s begin without any further delay.

Manufacturer’s specification

Let’s see what the company promises us with this product:

  • Unique design, with no locking or twisting required
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Large feed tube
  • Sealed bowl for leakage prevention
  • Reversible slice/shred disc
  • Easy to clean
  • Very powerful motor
  • 1-year warranty

That’s really something, but let’s come back and see how it looks after the next section.


The title says it all, let’s see some of the good experiences users had with this food processor:

  • I truly love cooking, but before I bought this food processor it took so too much of my already very limited time. This machine made my life much easier. Its size is perfect for everything I ever do, no matter the size of the batch. It’s very easy to use, and the motor is more than powerful. I was a little scared at first to order something like this online, but Amazon truly proved its status here. The customer support was great, and it arrived ahead of schedule
  • I love this bad boy! It’s the best food processor fitting my budget hands down. Several times every week I like making granola with it and its size is perfect to fit the entire batch. After I’m done, I just disassemble it (a piece of cake) and put it in the dishwasher. It’s very well made, and overall a very high-quality product
  • My previous food processor was just a nightmare compared to this one. It was a pain opening and closing the lid, the bowl wasn’t sealed tight, so it splattered all over the place, and I couldn’t even pour anything in without spilling all over my counter. This one is so much different I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s the total opposite, and it costs less. A very pleasant surprise from Hamilton Beach. I’m super satisfied, and I recommend this product to everyone
  • Whatever I’m cooking this guy has to be involved. Whether I’m making purees, kneading dough, or simply shredding some potatoes, this food processor is always up to it. The price is really gentle on the budget, and I can’t believe the quality you get for that kind of money. The bowl is sealed nicely, so you’ll have no spilling accidents, and I like how the blade stays perfectly tight while I pour something inside the bowl (long story). It saves me a lot of time, I waste less food and in turn, save money. Very happy with this purchase, it’s a dream for all of us kitchen demons with a limited budget
  • I’ve read a lot of reviews before deciding to buy this food processor. Considering the price I didn’t expect much, but once I started using it simply blew me away. I was positive the motor won’t be powerful enough to knead bread dough. Wrong! It does it just fine and without any trouble. It was the most difficult test I could think of, and it passed it with flying colors. It was very easy to set up and get it going, and it’s a great thing I can wash it in my dishwasher. The instructions were very helpful, since I’m not all that into new technologies, but I had no problems getting it to run. I use it all the time and can’t imagine my kitchen without it anymore
  • Buy online at Amazon and get a good deal


We’ve heard the pleasant part, let’s even the scales with some bad things users had to say:

  • Sometimes a small amount of food would get inside the handle. I’m a bit of a hygiene freak, and it drove me crazy not being able to clean it all the way. In time, I found a place that allows you to rinse it completely from the inside…
  • It takes a while to get used to

Final thoughts

Solid product – that’s the bottom line. Very affordable, without cutting down in the quality department. Pretty easy to use and clean, very powerful, nice looking, and safe.

It has a very wide feed tube and all the different options and blades you could possibly want to do your chopping and shredding. You can go for it freely, and the customer support staff will make the whole experience even more pleasant.

Have fun with your new kitchen monster. Happy cooking.

Hamilton Beach 70580 Big Mouth Duo Plus Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 70580 Big Mouth Duo Plus Food Processor Review – Should you buy it or not?

Hamilton Beach 70580 Big Mouth Duo Plus Food Processor

If you’re not a fan of unnecessary reading, and you like to get all the information you need in as few words as possible feel free to continue reading, and I promise to deliver just that.

A little bit about me (and why you should read on)

I’ve been writing all sorts of reviews and blogs about different kitchen appliances for a very long time. I’ve also picked up a thing or two about the industry in general along the way. I can tell the difference between a great product that will save you time and money, and the one that will just prove to be a drain on your budget without giving anything in return.

My rule of thumb is to pay the greatest of attention to what users themselves have to say about a certain product, so I read all the food processor reviews I can find before I sit down and start writing. For the users from the users is the rules work by, and it’s the best way to confirm or negate the quality of any product in my humble opinion.

See more customer reviews, pictures, and amazon offer here >>> 

If you’re with me so far let’s review this food processor together shall we?

The outlines of my reviews

I usually start all of my reviews by providing you with some basic product info, just to see what the manufacturer says its machine is capable of doing.

I follow that up with a PROs/CONs section, using user experiences as a filter of sorts for everything the manufacturer said. That’s how we get the full picture and see if the product is worth your money or not.

In the end, I’ll say a few words and make it a final verdict when this product is concerned.

Keep it simple is my motto, and this content configuration proved to be the best option over the years. Easy to understand and right on the money.

Basic product info provided by the manufacturer

By advertising a certain product, each manufacturer makes a promise to us. Let’s see what this promise holds:

  • Very wide feed tube for fitting whole foods
  • 4 and 12-cup bowls
  • Perfect for shredding, mixing, chopping, slicing, and pureeing. Featuring reversible disc for slicing and shredding
  • S-blade for chopping, touchpad controls, very easy to clean
  • Blades, lid, and bowls are dishwasher safe
  • 500W motor

That sounds like one big promise. Time to see if it holds up when filtered through what some real-life users had to say about it.

Good things users said about this product

Hamilton Beach 70580 Big Mouth Duo Plus Food Processor reviewLet’s see some of the PROs:

  • My dad bought me this food processor for my birthday and it’s absolutely amazing. It blends and chops perfectly, and I can make one hell of an almond butter with it. It’s very user friendly, and once it does all the work for me, it’s straight for the dishwasher. It’s all sparkly clean when it comes out and ready to do some slicing again. I just love it, and it was the best present ever
  • We don’t like keeping things on our kitchen counter, and this food processor is a dream for setting up and putting away considering how lightweight it is. We use it most often for meat grinding, which used to put a lot of strain on our previous processor. Not the case anymore. It grinds through all of it without any problems. The mini bowl is great when you have some smaller things to process and don’t feel like washing the main one. It’s wonderful, and we would highly recommend it. Nothing beats this kind of quality for this kind of money
  • I make one mean banana bread with this food processor. I struggled with lesser choppers way longer than I should have. I always dreaded looking into food processors, as I thought they would cost absurd amounts of money. Once I saw this one I thought it would be very low quality, being affordable as it is. Imagine my surprise once I started using it and saw how easily shreds through pretty much anything I throw in it. The motor seems very powerful, and the processor looks very well made. It also looks pretty nice on my counter
  • I started using it heavily the moment I turned it on for the first time. I remember the first thing I decided to do was to slice some veggies for your standard lettuce salad. It went through onions, peppers, tomatoes like they weren’t even there. I just peeled them, cut them in half, and it did all the rest. I got perfect slices in a matter of seconds. I minced up some chipotles in olive oil (homemade version) afterward and made a salad dressing. It was all done in just a fraction of the time it would’ve taken me to do it all by hand and without messing up my kitchen. I must admit though that I’m pretty experienced with food processors and know how to use them to their full potential. It performed beyond my expectations, and it was a great purchase
  • Very powerful product with an extremely convenient largemouth. I like the two separate bowls for different size jobs. Easy to assemble and take apart, and all of the parts are really easy to clean. Thumbs up Hamilton Beach!
  • see the amazon deal here

Not so pleasant user experiences

Time for some CONs:

  • Sometimes the food gets stuck inside the safety chamber that’s sealed….

Review resume

We have a winner I guess if user feedback is of any relevance to you.

It is to me, so I’ll just tell you to go for this product, as it is one of the best food processors currently out there for this kind of money. It will do all the jobs you put in front of it and more, it’s easy to handle and even easier to clean. Wide feed tube, two separate bowls, powerful motor, and a great price are the buzzwords here. Try it, it won’t disappoint you.

I hope I delivered what I promised.

Take care.

KitchenAid KFP1333CU 13-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice System

KitchenAid KFP1333CU 13-Cup Food Processor Review

KitchenAid KFP1333CU 13-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice System

You can go through countless information and food processors reviews, or find it all here, conveniently packet to provide you with optimal knowledge in a minimal amount of text. If you’re with me so far, you’re most than welcome to continue reading.

Why should you read on?

Simply put, because I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been writing these reviews and different blogs for many years now, and I know the industry inside and out. It makes me your safest bet for an unbiased and honest food processor review.

I also contact the customers regularly to hear about their experiences with these products in real life. Customer feedback is my number one factor when deciding whether I’m talking about the best food processor in a certain category or simply a waste of cash.

Head over to Amazon for more pictures and full pricing info.

Outlines of this review

Let’s take a quick look at all the different sections my reviews usually contain:

  • We’ll start by listing out the facts shared with us by the manufacturer
  • Then we’ll follow it up with some good and not so pleasant user experiences
  • Finally, I’ll take a look back and give my own two cents when it comes to this product

Now that you know what’s to come, we can start some reviewing.

Basic product info as written by the manufacturer

Let’s see what the manufacturer has in store for us this time:

  • Silver finish featuring work bowl that’s BPA – free
  • Special mini bowl (with lid) on top of the main one
  • The slicing disc is adjustable
  • 3 different power settings
  • 11.8 inches long, 10.8 wide, and 16.6 high

Now we have some raw material to work with and filter it through all those things users had to say after putting it to the test. So, let’s do it.

Pleasant user experiences with this product

This is what we would usually call the PROs section. So, time to see the bright side of this food processor:

  • I just love this kitchen machine! It very user-friendly and no trouble to clean. The motor is super strong, and I’m always looking for new stuff to shred, chop or grate. It’s so much better than my old Cuisinart food processor, and I recommend it to everyone
  • It’s a high-quality product, and a great addition to my kitchen machinery. Very easy to operate and the cup is just the perfect size. I also like the mini bowl a lot, since it takes care of the smaller tasks without having to use the main one. I use it almost daily for all kinds of jobs, and it chops everything without any hesitation. I’m very happy with this buy, especially since I got a pretty neat discount. Well worth the money invested
  • This food processor has been a great hit for my family. It does everything I need it to without any problems, and I like how easy it is to change its settings. I especially enjoy the option of adjusting the thickness of the slices. No problems whatsoever setting it up, and the cleaning is very easy too, just rinse it out with some soapy water ad you’re good to go. My family and I are very satisfied with this product and if you’re looking for a high-quality food processor you can give this one a go without a second thought
  • It serves me great for making hummus. I also tend to make my own coconut butter and almond milk, and this little guy saves me a lot of time and trouble. It’s very powerful, so it does everything without any trouble, and I don’t need to spend ages cleaning it afterward. And you can change the cut size by simply turning the dial, which is a great option in my opinion. I would definitely buy this product all over again, and you should too
  • The instruction manual was very easy to understand, and the initial assembly went without a hitch. The instructions for all additional attachments were very comprehensive, and I had no problems getting it to work. It contains my knife set, blender, and mixer all in one, and I couldn’t be happier with it
  • I do a lot of cooking, and it took me forever to chop all the ingredients by hand. This food processor is a godsend. It saves me time, it’s easy to use, and it chops everything much better and more evenly than I ever could. I’m just no match for this machine. On top of being very useful and well made, it’s also very stylishly designed, so it looks amazing on my countertop
  • Buy online at and get a good price

Some of the not so pretty things users shared with us

We’ve heard the PROs, so let’s complete the story with some CONs:

  • I just didn’t think it would be this big. When I got it, I realized it was way too much for my kitchen. It’s pretty useful though, and it looks awesome. I use it, and have no other complaints, but be sure to check the size before ordering
  • It took me some time to set it up. I’m not tech-savvy at all, and it takes me a bunch of time to get something to work properly once I buy it. After a while of fiddling around with it, I finally got all the pieces together, and I’m really happy with it
  • The bowl cracked after just a few uses….

Review resume

It is my sincere estimate that you can find a better food processor for the price.

Brentwood MC-105 Red Mini Food Chopper

Brentwood MC-105 Red Mini Food Chopper Review

Brentwood MC-105 Red Mini Food Chopper

We’re here today to review one of these guys, and see whether it’s a tremendous time saver or just a waste of money. If I sparked your interest, just sit back and scroll down while I do all the work for you.

Little bit about me

I’ve been writing these reviews and all sorts of blogs concerning different house appliances for years now. I picked up all there is to know about the industry along the way and gladly share my experience with everyone willing to give me the benefit of the doubt.

I know all the good sides, but also all the pitfalls inexperienced customers often wind up in. That’s not going to happen to you if we can help it. And we certainly can.

Head over to amazon for more pictures and customer reviews >>>

What can you expect to see here?

Here’s how I usually go about my reviews:

  • First, we’ll take a quick look at the product specification, to get some raw materials to work with later on
  • Then we’ll see how that basic product info holds up when put against good and bad experiences of the customers
  • Finally, I’ll share my own opinion in the end and tell you whether this food processor is worth your time and money

Simple and straightforward is the way I like it. Compact, informative, honest and unbiased food processor reviews are my trademark.

Enough with the introduction, let’s get to some real work.

What does the manufacturer say about its product?

We need some basic information first, so we can filter what we got here through the impressions of actual users of this food processor.

So, let’s see what the company has for us:

  • Clear plastic 1.5 cup capacity chopping jar
  • Classic red body
  • Super sharp blade made of stainless steel
  • Detachable parts, dishwasher-safe
  • Non-skid base, safety lock lid

It’s like I wrote this specification myself. Short and informative, without any marketing bits and unnecessary glorifying of the product itself.

Pleasant experiences users shared with us

Time to see what the customers liked when using this processor:

  • It’s very compact and does the job I need it to do. I’m buying another one for my daughter, she’s gonna love it! It’s just what my kitchen needed
  • It’s so easy to use even I did it without a problem, and let me tell you, I’m not tech-savvy person, not by a long shot. It makes chopping veggies or making a ham salad a breeze. It’s also very lightweight and takes up little room on my kitchen counter
  • Amazing little helper in the kitchen! I use it to chop almost anything, carrots, eggs, celery, you name it. It’s very small in size and very handy. My mother with arthritis simply loves it since it saves her so much trouble
  • I like how it won’t turn on unless it’s locked. It makes me feel so much safer than with my previous food chopping thingy. It takes very little cupboard or counter space and it makes one mean guacamole
  • I have a huge food processor I paid a fortune for. I ended up using this little guy like 90% of the time. It’s great for small jobs and saves you from hauling your enormous food processor to chop some veggies. It saves me so much time and I recommend it to everyone
  • I bought this tiny chopper to puree cat food for my cat that has troubles swallowing. I don’t know how it processes anything else since I never used it for it, but for what I needed it, it’s amazing. It purees 2 cans of cat food at once and without any problem. It seems surprisingly powerful for its size and it’s very easy to use and clean
  • Great little device for processing small quantities of veggies for salads or cooked dishes. The blades are extremely sharp, and it’s very easy to clean it after use. It performs very well, and the price is just right. My Cusinart is gathering dust in the cupboard ever since I got this handy little chopper. I can see how its size could be a limiting factor with preparing larger amounts of food, but there’s just two of us and it fits our needs perfectly
  • Red is my favorite color and the predominant color in my kitchen. That was the general reason I bought this chopper, that and its compact size. I didn’t expect much for that kind of money, but I must admit that its quality and performance took me by surprise. It’s the best food processor I could possibly get and my kitchen agrees with me
  • buy at Amazon and get a good deal

Seems the users loved it. But there’s another side to this story we should check out.

Less than flattering user impressions

We’ve gone through the PROs, let’s delve into the CONs:

  • It’s very small, so you’ll have to cut some larger vegetables for them to fit the operating cup. Other than that, it’s a great little product and works perfectly
  • I only wished it was a tad bigger. Then I could simply forget about my huge food processor and use this one all the time

My opinion

This product is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s easy to use and clean, doesn’t hog your entire kitchen counter, it performs flawlessly, and the price is more than affordable. Not to mention how safe it is.

Not the best of them, not the worst of them, but if I had to say one thing it would be that it is worth the price and that means something coming from me, especially to those of you who know how much I dislike side-mounted motors.

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