What are the best juicers in the market?

Ok, we’re not talking about food processors or blenders or choppers this time. Yes, we’re talking about the juicers and how to identify the ones that are currently reigning supreme on the market. Luckily, the situation is standing still for some time now, so I might’ve written this guide the last year and it would still be applicable today. Well, I didn’t actually so here we are now.

Your daily diet is everything, it’s what fuels you throughout the day and more and more people seem do just don’t care about it nowadays. I’m constantly advocating putting more fruits and vegetable on out tables every day rather than all the stuff we seem to be predominantly eat today. I’ve written hundreds of articles delving deeper into this subject so I won’t be repeating it all here; we’re here to talk about juicing and juicers.

best juicers in the market

I’ve also written a bunch of articles containing a ton of juicing recipes, so if you think that’s something that might interest you be sure to check them out. You can choose your juice based on what you need in terms of effects you’re expecting out of it. If you’re new to juicing, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with a simple glass of liquid. There are juices for raising your immunity, up to adding to your chance of preventing Alzheimer’s. Yes, juices are that potent. So, I can almost say I envy you in a way for you have yet to discover the amazing world of juicing.

Once you’ve got it all figured out you’ll definitely need good equipment in order to start your juicing sessions. Good equipment comes in the form of a good-quality juicer. As I’ve said already, the market has been very still for a while now and the juicers on top have reigned supreme since around 2013. I can’t really tell if that’s because the competitions is giving up or they’re just that much better than all the rest that they can not be matched by the opposing companies. Whatever the reason, the best juicers on the market are pretty much the same as they were in 2013, and we’re about to check them out and see what they’re all about.

The last thing I’d like to add before we head to our list of best juicers in the market is an explanation on how these little guys actually work. They are built to extract the juice out of your food. Extracting the juice simply means extracting the water out of the fruit or a veggie alongside a lot more nutrients that were in there as well. The side-product is the pulp, something you definitely won’t find if you put your meal in a blender. If pulverizing the entire thing and making a homogenous smoothie is more down your alley, than your weapon of choice should be a blender. If you’re, however, with extracting the water from your fruits and veggies alongside bunch of useful nutrients, juicer is you tool and we may continue to our list.

Ok, my favorite juicer on the market Juice Fountain Elite from Breville. A lot of users and customers seem to agree with me on this one. It should definitely be your tool of choice if you’re at least half-way serious about your juicing. You can just throw a bunch of whole fruits and vegetable in there and you’re good to go.


Juice Extractor ZY501D50 from Krups is number 2 on our list. It offers a top-notch performance and it’ll elevate your juicing to a whole new level.

Mega Mouth Juicer 330 from Omega is the last contender for today. It specializes in producing more juice from foods that are generally hard to squeeze such as carrots for example.

I hope you found my list satisfactory and would like to wish you a bunch of beautiful moments and juicing experiences. The most important thing in the world for us is to keep our daily life as healthy as possible and juicing is definitely a step in the right direction towards achieving that.

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