What chefs use in the modern kitchen

At last I got some time to spare and write an informative article about what tools do chefs use in their kitchens.

This little guide will also be applicable if you’re into professional cooking and working somewhere already. I think it might spark an idea or two as to what your employer should definitely add to its kitchen, or inspire you if you own a restaurant. So, the idea is to make a quick, short, and comprehensive guide that’ll spark everybody’s interest to some degree.


As I always say, everything always comes down to the right set of tools. You either have them or you don’t, and if you don’t, you’re risking losing your business to the competition across the street. If your main competitors have these appliances and you don’t, you’ll be fighting a losing battle from the get go. People often tend to think skill is everything and dismiss fancy new tools as a waste of cash. If everybody thought this way we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but they don’t. The business has become such a cutthroat environment lately, and I don’t just mean restaurant business. Everybody’s constantly trying to get the upper hand over the competition every way they have at their disposal. That being said, do you really think you can compete with a restaurant that invested in a super-modern and fancy kitchen counting solely on skills? Restaurant business stopped being about cooking skills long time ago; it’s all about the fancy toys now.

You know how it goes. Bookings that always seem to come the last minute leaving you with little to no time to figure everything out. Catering jobs that people rush you to do and deliver even though you know you could’ve done them way better given just a bit more time. Custom menus when it comes to cocktails are just another rock on top of the huge mountain. My biggest pain in the neck, though are the sweets. Seasonal ones in all imaginable sizes and shapes make that part of the year the sweatiest by far. You don’t even get to enjoy the most beautiful part of the year. So, once you know the right equipment can get you out of that jam once and for all are we still going to be talking about skills? Skill is essential, don’t get me wrong, but pretty much every fancy chef out there has it. So, what are we talking about here? Unless you’re some sort of cooking Mozart I think you need some new gear.

modern kitchen

Jade Custom Islands is where you wanna start with your new gearing up. It’s basically what the title says it is, kitchen isles but with one important distinction. They were designed and made coordinating people from the trade, the chefs. Possibilities for customization are practically endless, and this is exactly where equipping your new kitchen has to start.

The new Hybrid Baxter convection oven is a can’t miss nowadays. If you want (and you DO want) to make everything around you multi-functional, this oven allows you to combine heat and steam in one convenient package.

Join me next time for the second part of this article. I have a lot more beans to spill, so be sure you check it out.

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