How Food Processors Work – A Simple Guide

But how does it work?

Well, in this guide you will learn how a basic food processor works.

Here we go:

How a Food Processor Works

Hamilton Beach 72600 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food ChopperModern processors are available in three sizes including mini, full and compact.

But no matter the size of the food processor, most components are the same such as the feed tube, motor, blade, some set of attachments and a bowl with a lid.

The motor is the heaviest component of a food processor and its heavy weight keeps the processor stable while the motor is running so that it does not jump around the kitchen counter or you.

Usually, when the motor spins at high speeds, finer grinding is achieved. To control the speed of the motor, there are switch controls. Using these switch controls allows time for food to fall back down off the sides thereby allowing for more even consistency of what you are grinding, chopping or slicing.

On the other hand, the motors also have trip switches that stops the processor from starting if the lid and bowl are not properly seated.

Food Processor motor
Food Processor motor

The motor normally turns a vertical shaft that turns to puree, chop or blend food. The cutting blades are attached to the motor shaft while the bowl fits around the shaft.

Therefore, when you start the motor, the cutting blades revolve and cut the ingredients which may be meat, vegetables such as carrots and onions, cheese, or any other.

This action is either started and stopped, or pulsed, repeatedly to get the best results. The lid covers the bowl to prevent your ingredients from spilling outside while the feed tube allows you to add more ingredients in the processor.

The position of the blades is low, using gravity to keep chopping heavier and large ingredients while the already chopped ingredients rise to the sides of the bowl. Continuous operation usually purees or pulverizes the foods.

Other Food Processor Attachments Functions

  • Shredding and slicing blade – Allows you to shred and slice your ingredients to a thick, medium, fine or coarse finish.
  • Knife blade – Sometimes also known as a multi-purpose blade, its main function is to mix, puree, chop, mash, as well as mince ingredients.
  • Spatula – This tool enables you to scrape food away from the sides of the working bowl.
  • Maxi blend canopy – It is a large disc and can be used together with the knife blade to blend soups faster and more effectively.
  • Dough blade or hook – It works to knead yeasted recipes.

Shredding and slicing blade

Bottom Line

When buying a food processor, it is a good idea to buy one that has all the attachments you may need.

This way you get your full money’s worth.

Also keep in mind that to ensure your appliance works smoothly, proper maintenance is required.

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