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1. Tell us a little more Bakingamoment and what was the trigger for starting it.



Baking a Moment is a place where I share my favorite recipes for seasonal, scratch-made desserts.

I’m a former pastry chef, and I love getting creative in the kitchen.

I hope to share my passion with other bakers.



2. Tell us a little more about the awards you won and what’s the one that you are most proud of?

In 2015 I was named Blogger of the Year by The Blogger Network.

Baking a Moment was also one of Better Homes and Gardens’ Top 10 Baking Blogs.


3. What is your favorite recipe?

I really love my chocolate cupcake recipe and my salted caramel sauce.

Both of these are basic building block recipes that I use really frequently in other recipes on my blog.

chocolate cupcake

4. What’s your favorite kitchen design – modern or traditional?

I like a more modern look, with traditional touches here and there.

my kitchen

5. Do you use a food processor and what for?

I do use a food processor from time to time.

It’s great for pureeing fruits and crushing graham crackers for cheesecake crust.

new food processor

6. Please give us a couple of tips on how to make life easier in the kitchen.

Always read a recipe all the way through at least once or twice before you start making it.

Sometimes certain recipes might require an overnight chill or something like that, and it’s good to know that going in so you can plan accordingly.


7. Who is your favorite chef and why?

I recently had the opportunity to meet Jacques Pepin and it was a full-circle moment for me.

I remember watching him on PBS as a child; it was really incredible to be face to face with someone who’d inspired me at such a young age.

Jacques Pepin

8. A message to your fans…

Thank you for reading!

I’m so happy that you enjoy my recipes and I hope to continue bringing them to you!

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