Interview – Meet Ashley Fehr of

1. Tell us a little more about you and Thereciperebel.

I’m a high school teacher and mother of two turned food blogger! I started The Recipe Rebel to share recipes because I had so many requests from people who had tried my treats.


2. How did you find your passion for cooking and what was your first recipe?

Cooking and baking has always been a big thing in our family.

I guess I inherited my passion for cooking!

My first recipe was a No Knead Bread recipe that I got from the internet — it took a while before I was able to start creating my own!

No Knead Bread

3. What are your favorite appetizers?

My favorite appetizers are simple!

Carbs, meat and cheese usually play a big part — we love decadent little bites!


4. What are your kitchen essentials?

My stand mixer I use all the time!

I also love my immersion blender for making sauces and creamy soups.

smoothies and milkshakes blender

5. Do you use a food processor and what for?

I actually rarely use a food processor.

I use it occasionally for pesto or mashed potatoes!


6. Please give us a couple tips of how to eat healthy and balanced.

Cook from scratch and enjoy everything in moderation — if you know what’s going into your food, that’s a good start!


7. Who is your favorite chef?

I don’t know that I have a favorite chef! I get my inspiration from all kinds of places.

8. A message to your readers…

Have fun in the kitchen! Learn to experiment with different foods and cooking methods and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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