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1. Tell us a little more about you and how you started your blog.

I started my blog on a whim so I could share recipes with photos with my family and friends.

I got swept up into the food blogger world with some encouragement of the foodies I met through blogging.

Their advice got me to where I am today 🙂

Liz Berg

2. What was the recipe you loved most as a kid and what’s your favorite one now?

I loved my mom’s coconut Mounds bars and I still make them to this day.

They have a graham cracker crust, coconut filling and chocolate ganache topping. Also, her paella was a favorite special occasion meal when I was growing up.

Now, I have so many favorites, I’m not sure I could narrow it down to just one. For desserts, I’d have to say my carrot cake with coconut and crushed pineapple topped with cream cheese frosting.

carrot cake

3. What is your favorite soup recipe?

A recently posted beef barley soup was unforgettable! I even made the beef broth.

beef barley soup

4. What are your kitchen essentials?

My KitchenAid stand mixer and my hand mixer, my food processor, a good set of sharp knives, and a citrus zester to name a few.

KitchenAid KSB1570SL

5. Do you use a food processor and what for?

I use it to grind Oreos and graham crackers into crumbs for pie or cheesecake crusts and also use it to make pastry crusts.

pastry crusts

6. Please give us a couple tips of how to eat healthy and balanced.

I make sure to have lots of colorful food on my plate—meaning fruits and veggies.

I limit my sweets to just one or two after dinner cookies. I also drink lots of water and exercise every day.


7. Who is your favorite chef?

I love Ina Garten (not sure if she’s really considered a chef!).

Her recipes are easy, approachable and always work!

Ina Garten

8. A message to your readers and fans.

My readers are wonderful and I’m so grateful for every visit.

I also love hearing when recipes work—those lovely comments make my day.

I’m honored by their kindness and support.

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