What Are The Most Useful Kitchen Appliances?

I manage to strut on over to the housewares to the food processors blindly.  I can even shop from home.  I can search Google for the latest updates on kitchen appliances and a food processor will appear before my very eyes.  In light of this discovery, I’m pretty sure that I have become a magnet for food processors.  It’s okay, however, I love those gadgets.   I tend to connect more with the smaller devices.

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What are the most useful kitchen appliances in your home?

Do you remember the days when the biggest capability of the coffee maker or stove was to turn it on and off?

I do.

Thank goodness we are way past those days and even the larger kitchen appliances have shown significant improvement.  It takes a lot to upgrade large appliances as opposed to smaller smart products such as a coffee maker or blender.

The complexity of the new or contemporary refrigerator is that it can notify you of  the expiration dates of your food items.

Incredible, isn’t it?

Manufacturers and expert designers are busy with developing other pertinent changes.  When it comes to purchasing the best smart appliance, I suspect there will be much confusion.

The ability to interact with kitchen appliances thrills plenty of chefs and beginning food dish creators.  It actually improves the cook’s enthusiasm in the kitchen to have an interactive design that makes cooking delightful.  Functional appliances adds a little panache to the kitchen.  Having particular appliances could be only a dream for someone us.

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The price tag that comes with all of this modern technology can be enormous.  Who can really afford to pay for a fridge that cost a small fortune?  People who make little money can hardly afford a kitchen appliance with a price tag of $5000 or more.  It would have to come with more amenities than a just reminder to change the filter for me to buy one as I’m sure it probably does.

How about a new stove? 

You can get a Smart Front Control Range for around two grand when it comes out later this year.  It does all sorts of things like let you know when the oven is finished preheating or you can stop/pause the oven, providing you have a specific app that allows for this function.

I absolutely love the idea of an automatic wine or cocktail dispenser.

Somabar makes the perfect compact size bartender.  The machine is actually no bigger than a coffee pot and it can hold up to six bottles of wine or any kind of beverage.  You can put your margaritas or smoothies in there for easy access.  It pours out effortlessly and would be a hit at your next party.  This is a winner in my book.  It will only cost me around $500 to own it.  This is doable even on the installment or layaway plan.

Black Decker FP1600B 8-Cup Food Processor

The food processor is near and dear to my heart.

It’s the most functional kitchen appliance I own.  My Hamilton Beach 70730 never rests.  It’s the perfect addition to my set of little helpers.  It’s simple to operate.  The labels are matched to the type of food that’s put in it whether you’re making a tasty salsa or a refreshing smoothie. I make soups, dips and salad dressings with it, too.  This counter top processor didn’t cost much either… it was under $40.

I also own a Black and Decker food processor.  It does all my slicing and shredding for me. It has a neat chute for continuous feeding.  The container goes from my fridge to the dishwasher.  It was also bought for under $40.

Well, with all of this being said, to answer what are the most useful kitchen appliances in my home?  It’s the food processor, of course!  Well, another slow cooker wouldn’t hurt either as I have become quite the unconventional, but terrific cook. I like doing things my own way and I’m living a healthier lifestyle now, but I need to implement on own cooking style to its form.  The processors make meal preparation time minimal for me.  There’s a lot involved in eating organically and the ability to process my own foods takes a load off cooking and prepping food for storage.  The fun of it all is in having the do-dads in which to make delicious looking and tasting meals.

modern kitchen

From television to real life, the kitchen is where a lot of time is spent.  It goes without saying that we must have the tools to make life easier and more simplified.

Homework is likely done at the kitchen table and discussions over coffee with your neighbors and friends are held at the very core of your home.  Doesn’t it make sense to have everything to make life more enjoyable and more comfortable in the center of your home?

This could mean the design of the kitchen’s layout to having the right cutting knife.  Aside from taking advantage of the time I get to spend with my family talking in the kitchen, I do love the idea of preparing their homemade meals.

The lifestyle change for me was a lifestyle change for them.

I couldn’t have done it without my food processor.

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