8-Cup Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 70450 Review – One of the best Hamilton Beach models, no doubt

When it comes to house appliances, you’re not just getting a new unit - it should be more like making a new friend, one that will hopefully last a long time.

8-Cup Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 70450 Review

In order to make sure that you’ve chosen well, there are things that you need to pay close attention to…factors like versatility, strength of the motor, quality of materials used.. If you didn’t plan to invest so much time into research on the best food processors, don’t burden yourself. That’s what this website is all about.

As a person who worked as a Quality Assurance Manager for little over 8 years in a factory of small appliances, I’m able to crunch the numbers instantaneously and estimate the realistic value of the product in question. Of course, I’ll do this review step by step.

Let’s break it down and see how this review will look:

  1. We’ll see what the folks from Hamilton Beach have to say about this food processor
  2. We’ll review end user experience, both positive and negative, PROs and CONs
  3. I’ll give this product my final rating and see if it’s a good investment or not

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Product specifications:

  • 300 watts powerful motor
  • Saves you kitchen space with in-bowl storage
  • Easier cleaning; Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Easy to use, On/Pulse options
  • 8-cup capacity

Now for the positive user reviews as per end users:

  • This is the best food processor I’ve had so far, it works wonderfully.

It has plenty of room so you can cook for many people at once. It’s great for family reunions and holiday food preparation; it cuts my prep time in half when I make larger quantities of food.

  • This is truly an excellent and powerful food processor. After my 15-year old one, this one seems to do everything in warp speed…
  • Definitely worth the money. I’m really into kitchen appliances, and this bad boy can go for miles. I’ve had so many food processors, and this one would definitely rank high in my top 5…
  • Does exactly what it says it will do. Quick, quiet, efficient. Easy to use, and even easier to clean. I like the On/Off and pulse buttons, they are highly responsive…
  • It did a great job on any food so far, even home-made pasta dough. Slicing and shredding blades work as well as the mixing…
  • It looks solid and built to last. The blades are really sharp and well-built. It’s almost too powerful for its size, but the motor doesn’t heat up no matter how long I abuse it…
  • It worked great so far for my 5-member family. It’s really easy to clean, and it doesn’t gather dust as it’s easy to store it in the bowl itself…
  • My husband cooks in our family, so this was a present for him. So far, he has reported no problems and says that it saves him a lot of time in the kitchen…
  • It works wonders with baby food ingredients. I like how I can make a big batch and then just store it in the fridge. The best part- my baby doesn’t seem to notice when it’s on…
  • It arrived on time and in good condition. Does what it says it will on the box…
  • So far I’ve made hummus, pie crust, cookie dough, pesto, biscuit dough and I have no complaints. It works great on salads as well…
  • Great food processor, it’s really light, but very powerful. It’s easy to manage, and it’s very user-friendly…
  • I like the bowl lock extra safety option, and the fact that it closes smoothly. The best thing about it- I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it…very satisfied…
  • buy at amazon.com

Now for the negative user reviews:

  • I know it’s an 8-cup capacity food processor and all, but if you put less than half a cup of anything in it, since the blades are sitting high, it won’t even touch it…
  • I live alone, and I wish I’ve gotten a smaller one…it’s not so good if you need smaller batches…
  • The feeding tube doesn’t seem to be able to fit whole potatoes, so you have to cut them in half before you put them in…

Food Processor review resume:

After all that we’ve learned and read today, the time has come for us to evaluate this product. My overall impression of this product is- what you see is what you get. Sturdy, powerful and quiet are the best epithets to describe this Hamilton of generous 8-cup capacity.

As a former Quality Assurance Manager, I am obligated to direct your attention to some potential problems that you might encounter. Keep in mind that this food processor has minimal and maximal capacity and that it won’t process any quantity of food under the marked minimum.


Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Model 70450 Food Processor Review
Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Model 70450 Food Processor Review
The Good
  • Very easy to store, very quiet at work
The Bad
  • If your hands are slippery, it can be really hard to press the On/Off button
  • Efficiency
  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Price

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