Black & Decker Food Chopper Ergo 3-Cup EHC650B Review – Is It Worth The Money?

When thinking about the best food processor one can get (without it costing an arm and a leg) most people get confused by so many different brands, features, speed options, and tend to lose sight of what’s really important- is it worth your money or not?

Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper

The good news is – I can help you decide if this B&D unit suits your needs or not.

Why would you put your faith in me?

I worked as a Quality Assurance Manager with one of the bigger brands in home appliances for years and I know the industry inside out. I’ve also been writing these reviews since 2012. I think that should do it…

So, let’s get to work and review this food processor.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. We’ll list the basic facts and specifications of the product
  2. We’ll see what the real end users have to say about this processor – both sides of the coin
  3. I’ll interpret everything said in my resume and give it an Overall Quality Rating

You can tap into amazon resources to see more pictures and reviews here.

The basic specifications:

  • 3 cup capacity
  • Designed to chop, mince and even make salsa
  • Stay-sharp innovative blade technology
  • Better results guaranteed with low and high pulse button; 150 watts power
  • Easy to use – ergonomic grip of the handle
  • Safety lock lid
  • Dishwasher safe, minimum cleaning time; storage lid – prepare and store in the very same container
  • Product Built to Electrical Standards of North America

So far so good. Let’s see what end users have to say about this food processor.

Positive reviews as per end users:

  • This is beyond any doubt the best food chopper I’ve ever used…
  • Works just as advertised
  • Great on anything I’ve used it so far. Garlic, onion, seeds, nuts, salad dressing, you name it. Does a great job. It’s also really easy to clean…
  • It’s great for homemade hummus, salsa, dressing, sauces.. I’m really looking forward to trying out all the recipes I had in mind when I ordered this…
  • Does a wonderful job, chops anything in seconds. Ice, nuts, onions, you name it…
  • I like that I can store the chopped food into the container itself. I hate wasting food…
  • The best thing about it is that you don’t have to unscrew the top in order to add food. Simply lift it and put it back when you’re ready to continue…
  • It chops well, without mashing the food. It’s super efficient, especially in the pulse mode.
  • Doesn’t take much storage space…and that’s important for NY studio apartment life…
  • It’s a great chopper and food processor. It’s really sturdy and easy to clean.
  • I’ve noticed that, no matter for how long it’s on, the motor never heats up.
  • I love the ergonomic design of the buttons…
  • The design is really smart. It’s super light, fast, and easy to use.
  • Much quieter than my old Cuisinart
  • The blades come right out, but an even easier way to clean it is to pour some water in halfway, run it for like 2 seconds, and then just put it in the dishwasher…a huge relief…
  • This little bad boy cuts my food prep time in half. No more junk food for me…
  • This chopper is great. It’s really easy to use and cleans up super fast. No complaints so far…
  • I own quite a few appliances, and I must say that I ended up using this small chopper almost every night of the week. It simply has everything you need, it’s quiet, easy to clean, easy to use…full 5 stars from San Diego…
  • I’ve had mine for some time now, and it made my life and my meals a little easier and healthier…
  • buy from Amazon.

Now as per negative user reviews – the CONs:

  • The clear plastic part broke after a month, I’m waiting for a replacement…
  • Unfortunately, the motor unit can’t be put into the dishwasher, only the container.. I had to learn this the hard way…
  • It was OK, but now with a baby on the way we’ll have to find something a little bit more baby-food orientated.
  • The razor is too sharp. Don’t put it anywhere a kid can reach it or something.
  • Great at chopping and mincing, but I still do my dicing…

Now for my final review of this processor/chopper:

The very best thing about this product is that it’s so compact, powerful and yet very quiet.

I know how B&D design the housing of the motor and they’ve always been setting industry standards on that front.

Precisely crafted slicers will not make a much of your food when you try to chop it. The sides of the bowl are designed so that the food is “flushed back” into the center. This details in design is what makes all the difference when it comes to even chopping . Many food processors will make a pure in the center of the bowl and still have whole pieces on the walls. Not this one.

I’ve been struggling to find some downsides to this product to tell about, but I am having a hard time doing it.

It’s a small piece but carefully crafted to do just what it was meant for.

Black & Decker Food Chopper Ergo 3-Cup EHC650B Review
Black & Decker Food Chopper Ergo 3-Cup EHC650B Review
The Good
  • Powerful but silent.
The Bad
  • Used for dicing you'll get chunky uneven pieces.
  • Efficiency
  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Price

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