What Are The PROs and CONs Of Hamilton Beach Food Processor Model 70550RL PrepStar – Review & Ratings

As it turns often turns out, choosing the best food processor that fits your needs and completes your kitchen is a bit more of a challenge than you might originally think.

Hamilton Beach 70550RL PrepStar Food Processor with Bonus Chill Lid

It’s really hard to decide what we really need and will use and what are just marketing tricks.

That’s what this website is about – helping you make sense of it all.

I worked as a Quality Assurance Manager for years and I know how to tell the difference between true value for your money and a piece that will not solve your problems but become an additional one, no matter how affordable it is.

But before we go any further, let me tell you how I’ll go about things in this review:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications
  2. We’ll carefully look into end user reviews, both the PROs and the CONs
  3. I’ll end with my review resume and give this product a rating

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The processor specifications:

  • 350-watts motor with 2 speeds
  • Continuous feed chute
  • Blade storage in the bowl itself for saving space
  • Generous 8-cup bowl capacity
  • Includes bonus safety lid for the bowl

So far everything sounds OK, but it’s really difficult to say anything about the product just based on the specifications list. Let’s see what users have to say about this product.

The positive user reviews -the PROs:

  • Best food processor I’ve owned so far. Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store…
  • Friendly customer service…
  • I’m very happy with this product. We originally bought it to make home-made food, but now with our first baby on the way we’ve tried to make baby food…so far so good…
  • I’ve never had a food processor before, but this one definitely does what it says will do.
  • I’ve used it for only 3 months, and I’ve cut my preparation time in by 30-40%…
  • It got shipped really fast. It’s really sturdy, well-made and user-friendly…
  • Just as advertised…
  • I’ve crunched some numbers, and after owning this food processor for little over 3 years I’ve saved sooo much money in the long run on junk and takeout food. It now takes me less time to make a salad or a home-cooked meal than to wait for a fatty takeout meals…
  • It’s dishwasher-safe and that’s a huge relief. It simply saves me so much trouble…
  • It works wonders on nuts, herbs, vegetables, you name it…I’ve been using it almost every day for 4 years now, and I have no complaints so far…
  • Great quality at a really affordable price. It really exceeded my expectations
  • Great diversity of features, it chops, purees, mixes, mince, grates, you name it. I’ve saved so much time in the kitchen…
  • Really light and easy to use…
  • I’ve really abused my Hamilton Beach food processor during the holiday season, and the motor didn’t heat up or failed me once. I’m really satisfied with this unit; it’s really powerful and efficient…
  • I’ve had it for over 2 years now, and I can say that it’s easy and safe to use. It does the job well; it’s a really powerful food processor at a really great price.
  • I have a joint and wrist problem, and I was really afraid I won’t be able to use this product on my own. Luckily, no such problem. This machine is really user-friendly and very light…
  • I got it as a present, and I’m definitely going to spread some joy with it…
  • It does a great job when it comes to easy stuff like soups and salad, and even works wonder on heavy-duty dough even when I’m pushing it’s limits with larger quantities then recommended on the box…
  • see more reviews on amazon.com

Now for the negative user reviews – the CONs:

  • I haven’t read the user manual before using it for the first time, and I’ve tried chopping ice and grinding coffee and it just dies on me…
  • The company sent me the wrong model of Hamilton Beach that I haven’t ordered…really frustrating…
  • If you go with this product, please be careful with the blade. It’s razor sharp…they should warn you about this on the box, I cut myself when washing it…
  • I’ve been using it for 5 weeks and it just won’t start any more. The cost of shipping it back and forth exceeds the cost of the unit.

And now for my final review on this product and my final over Rating:

We’ve arrived at the very end of our review. Here is where we’ll put it all into perspective and make sense of it all.

Let me start with an aspect of the design I really don’t like. This will explain why I gave this processor a 3/5 rating in durability even after seeing all the positive reviews.

I am talking about the fact that the motor is side mounted. I know the internal workings of such pieces and there’s too much that can go wrong. Too much mechanics and belts involved.

I would personally never get a food processor with a side mounted motor.

Having said that, I can’t ignore all the positive reviews and this product seems better than most of the models that use similar design.

So, let me put it this way:

The best model with a motor on the side can’t ever comes close in durability to medium quality processor that features a motor installed at the base of the processor.


  1. Too much mechanics involved
  2. Greater chance of material wear and fatigue
  3. Much more friction -> much more heat-up – > much greater chance of the some of the electronics melting

It is a bargain, but I would think trice before getting this product, even at that price.

My Overall Quality Rating is 4.0 out of 5 stars.

You can do much better, even at that price range, take my word on this one.

Hamilton Beach 70550RL Food Processor PrepStar Review
Hamilton Beach 70550RL Food Processor PrepStar Review
The Good
  • It's great for anything from blending, chopping to mixing.
The Bad
  • - No major complains -
  • Efficiency
  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Price

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