Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep 7 7-Cup Food Processor review

What is my Professional Opinion on the Cuisinart DLC-2007N 7-Cup Food Processor? Here is a Full Review

Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep 7 7-Cup Food Processor

What are the criteria, where to start, what to look for.. It can be bothersome work.

But don’t you worry a thing, because I’m here to help you.

As an ex Quality Assurance Manager and after writing these reviews for years now, I can definitely say I’ve seen it all, and more importantly that I have your best interest in mind while I’m writing this review.

Here’s what you can expect in this reviews:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications of this model
  2. Then we’ll go through end user reviews, both good and bad
  3. In conclusion, I will give this product my final rating

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I hope that this review will give you the most answer to the question- is this product suitable for your needs? So, without any further ado:

Product specifications:

  • Shatterproof bowl with 7-cup capacity made of lexan that is dishwasher-safe
  • Wide mouth supreme feed tube fits whole fruits and vegetables; no pre-cutting
  • Shredding disc, stainless-steel slicing disc, dough blade and chopping/mixing blade
  • Automatic adjustment of speed for proper and dough consistency and perfect results
  • Built to fit Electrical Standards of USA and Canada

Now for the positive end user reviews:

  • We’ve had this food processor for little over a year, and we couldn’t be happier with it. No complaints so far.
  • It’s extremely easy to put together and put apart this food processor, and the cleaning time is next to nothing. It’s such a time-saver.
  • This is my first food processor, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It cut my prep time in half, and especially the shredding disc. Now I make salads all the time…changed my life…
  • It’s the perfect size for my big family. If you’re looking for a food processor that is well-made and affordable, and you intend to use it daily, I would definitely recommend this Cuisinart.
  • The motor is super powerful, and yet so quiet while at work. My wife and I are glad that we took a chance with this food processor, since we knew nothing about it…
  • I was really hesitant at first, but the 3-year overall and 10-year motor guarantee persuaded me. Now I’m happy we got this food processor because we have it for 5 years now and we have no complaints…
  • It’s a very sturdy machine and yet light enough for me to carry it around and move it from one surface to another. It’s convenient for storing as well.
  • I can say that I’ve never owned a food processor that could chop, grind or mince half as good as this Cuisinart. It does a wonderful job without turning everything into mush. No lumps as well.
  • There are no crevices on which food would catch, and I’m so happy that the cleaning part is now so much easier. I just pop it in my dishwasher and I’m good.
  • The smaller inner pusher piece can be removed, which just made my life so much easier…
  • The DVD instruction manual that came with it was extremely helpful. The blades are really super sharp and can process anything in a matter of seconds…
  • It doesn’t “dance” around my kitchen counter even if it has such a powerful motor. It’s also really quiet while on, which is really important for us because we have a baby on the way.
  • We’ve had it for little over a year, and so far it did everything it promised it would…
  • It chops up food really fast, even peskier pieces like nuts. It’s great for mixing cookie dough as well.
  • It doesn’t turn everything I put in into smithereens, like my old processor…
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The CONs of the food processor:

  • It has this really tricky mechanism for locking down the bowl before processing; I simply couldn’t get the gist of it…
  • I wish it had some kind of separate container or holder for the blades. Now I have to wrap them in paper and stash them somewhere out of my kids’ reach…
  • Take extra caution when washing the blades by hand. Now I truly get the meaning of razor-sharp…
  • I wish it had more than two speeds, I’m used to more options when preparing my food and having more control over the process in general…

My final resume and Overall Quality Rating:

Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep 7 7-Cup Food Processor reviewThis Cuisinart has proven that it can perform well with so many eyes on it.

It passed all of the users’ tests, and there are no typical complaints that usually end users report that would be standard for this line of products.

As an ex Quality Assurance Manager, I can say that this product is definitely worth you money, simply because there are no hidden surprises; what you see is what you get.

However, I would give it a 4.6 out of 5 rating simply because of its price.

It is worth every penny, but most of us are not ready to invest that kind of money in a kitchen appliance.

If you are, you are in for years of high-end help around the kitchen.



Cuisinart FP-12BK Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor review

A new model from Cuisinart – The Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor FP-12BK – Complete Review

Cuisinart FP-12BK Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor

I used to work in quality assurance with one of the bigger players in the industry, I can definitely see right through all the courses of fancy food with names you can’t even pronounce and tell what appliances they’ve used. They had a sidekick, and I’m here to help you choose yours, or at least get you a step closer to finding the perfect kitchen helper.

But let’s first see how this review will look:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications as issued by the company
  2. We’ll go through a collection of positive and negative end user reviews
  3. We’ll give our final grade to this product and try to figure out if it suits your needs or not

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Product specifications:

  • 1000-watt powerful motor
  • 2-cup work bowl and a smaller 4-cup work bowl included
  • Dough blade, stainless-steel slicing disc, chopping and mixing blades, shredding disc are all included
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Spatula, a recipe book and a how-to DVD are included
  • Built to fit Electrical Standards of North America

Let’s not get wooed by all the things we’ve seen so far and let’s go through some user reviews first:

  • What an outstanding machine. I don’t think I’ve had a better cooking experience that after I got my Cuisinart.
  • The thing I like the best about it is the fact that it replaces a small and a large food processor because it has two work bowls of different capacities, so you can use the same food processor to cook just for two or 6 people.
  • It handles everything that you throw in it with ease, and you can tell just after a few uses that it’s a high-quality product made to last. I can see myself using it for at least 5, maybe even 10 years if I’m careful.
  • The instruction DVD is actually worth watching, and it contains about 15 recipes that showcase this food processor and gives good ideas for how to use the product. It gives you great cooking tips too.
  • It helps me out with almost everything I do around the kitchen these days…
  • This food processor was one of the best investments I’ve made this year since I use it practically every day. It has Cuisinart FP-12BK Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor reviewalready paid off its worth in all the time it saved me on cutting by hand and pre-cutting.
  • This baby is really quiet considering the fact that it has such a powerful motor. I’m very impressed with the consistent results.
  • It’s is really easy to operate, and the lid comes off with a small push of two buttons, and installs when you simply press it on to the work bowl.
  • It arrived two days after I ordered it, and I immediately put it to work. First I watched the DVD and got the very same results as the friendly chef from the video…
  • I made mostly bread with it so far, and I was impressed with how well it made the dough and how easy it was to clean it afterwards. It’s so user-friendly and easy to store, I love it.
  • I have very limited storing options, and I was impressed with how everything nests into some other part and how little space it actually takes up in our cupboard. It is really quiet at work as well…
  • I am not a professional chef, but I’m a professional carpenter, so I appreciate a good tool. This one is everything I expected it to be at first glance. The brushed metal finish is looking good. The bowls are made out of heavy plastic and feel like they’ll last…
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And now for some negative end user reviews:

  • Mine arrived broken in a battered box… this is going back…
  • The cord that is supposed to be stored underneath the food processor got damaged, I’m waiting for a replacement..
  • It’s kind of heavy for me to move it around the kitchen on my own..

Review resume:

I have to give it to the designers from Cuisinart- the nesting bowls are such a smart solution. That’s definitely a useful feature that will save you a lot of money on buying more than one food processor.

However, as a former Quality Assurance Manager I have to notice that the storage space for the electric cable was not designed as safely as it could have been.

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