Best electric mini chopper is Ninja chopper (see also Ninja express chop)

We have a lot to cover so let us get down to work right away.

Here’s what you can expect to see in this guide:

  1. We’ll introduce the winners right away and provide their results – the Overall Quality Rating
  2. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of why they are there, the specifications and the main PROs and CONs as reported by the customers
  3. We’ll rinse and repeat the process for each of the entries to the list


PictureModelConclusionRead more
Ninja Master Prep ProfessionalNinja Master Prep
Mini Electric Chopper
Our Favorite
Hamilton Beach 72600 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food ChopperHamilton Beach 72600
Fresh Chop 3-Cup
Food Chopper
The runner-up
Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food ChopperBlack & Decker
EHC650B Ergo
3-Cup Food Chopper
The best design
Hamilton Beach 72860 Stack and Press 3-Cup Glass Bowl ChopperHamilton Beach
72860 Stack and
Press electric
The cheaper
KitchenAid KFC3511GA 3.5-Cup Food ChopperKitchenAid KFC3511GA
3.5-Cup Chef's
Mini Electric Chopper
The splurge

One thing to notice about the results – there are no choppers with a side-mounted motor. And let me remind you here – these are the results based on the reviews of the customers.

I just want to mention what I repeated over and over on the website – if you are using a chopper, you are better off with an appliance that has either the bowl or motor mounted at the top.

The ones that include the motors on the side involve a lot more friction since they are using belts to transmit the power from the motor to the blades/discs.

Friction = more mechanics included = more heat build-up = shorter lifespan of your appliance.

Just something to think about in case you are looking to get a chopper and none of the ones one the list suit your needs.

Moving on to take a closer look at each of the entries in the table in more depth:

Review of Ninja Chopper Master Prep Mini Electric (QB900B)

Ninja Master Prep ProfessionalThe specifications:

  • interchangeable power pods
  • great results with anything from frozen blending to fine chopping
  • two jars in convenient sizes
  • features a splashguard and a pour spout for easy flipping
  • base is designed using non-slip materials

Ninja Express Chop

This entry on our list is not a classic chopper, although Ninja does offer a version called “Ninja Express Chop” that is an adjusted version of the same product designed specifically for chopping.

Having said that, I’ve seen no indications in the reviews I went through that the version Ninja Express Chop of the product does a better job chopping then the basic Ninja Chopper Master Prep Mini (wider choice of options) version.

So, I see no reason to get a version of the product that does only one thing (chopping) as opposed to a version that’s more versatile and just as good at chopping.

See more customer ratings here on

Let take some time and see what the users had to say about it:


  • it’s better than my old Vitamix processor that cost twice as much and was so much noisier…
  • after seeing the TV commercial, I thought this just a gimmick…I am so glad I decided to get it…
  • just what I needed, small, efficient and quiet…
  • It pulverized my ice cubes in just over 20 seconds….
  • great value for money…for this price I didn’t expect much and that made it even better…
  • I got the Ninja after I wore out my Magic Bullet, and the Ninja is bigger and a bit better with all the extra blades that come with it…
  • I am 100% honest when I say that I was never more satisfied with a kitchen appliance…
  • quick and easy to clean…
  • I used my Ninja to make the smoothest lasagna sauce I ever made…


  • it was ok until, after only 4 months of use, it mysteriously just wouldn’t turn on…
  • just a cm to close to filling it, and it spills over…
  • my smoothies were chunky mo matter how much I blended…

The review resume of Ninja Master Prep (better than Ninja Express Chop)

Overall Quality Rating of 4.8/5 – that rarely happens with any appliance in this price range no matter how small.

I always have my notepad with me when compiling these reviews and believe me, as an ex Quality Assurance Manager in the Industry I can spot patterns and critical flaws. I’ve seen none of those in this Ninja, honestly.

Seems like the real deal.

Hamilton Beach 72600 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food Chopper

Hamilton Beach 72600 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food ChopperThe specifications:

  • capacity of 3-cup
  • compact design, powerful motor (135 W)
  • one touch processing (chopping, blending, pureeing)
  • heavy motor and non-slippage materials used for the base make sure the appliance doesn’t move during processing
  • safe start feature
  • 2-year warranty

Check out what buyers said about it on this amazon dedicated page.

The PROs as per the customers:

  • I love the added mayonnaise disc…didn’t think I’d need one but now that I have, I can’t imagine my kitchen life without it…
  • the customer service is very friendly, my chopper was not working out of the box, and they replaced it no questions asked, the new one arrived the same week…
  • incredibly easy to use clean and it stores so small…
  • anything that one could ask from this kind of device, looks good, works well and reliably and looks great for minimalistic kitchen designs…
  • this is my 4th similar appliance and by far the best…the best almond butter I’ve ever made…
  • awesome for the price…
  • I do everything with this little helper…from bananas to hard cheese and ice…
  • I loved my old Hamilton Beach and was researching for days before finally going with this one, I never regretted the decision. It works just as advertised.
  • I got this chopper as a temporary solution for our new house as I was researching one of those big do-it-all processors, and I keep delaying the decision ever since…
  • big bang for your buck…

CONs of some of the less satisfied customers:

  • it took me 5 hours to set up…
  • I occasionally press the lid unintentionally, and it activates the chopper…

My review resume

Hamilton Beach is one of the industry brands with a respectable tradition. I wasn’t surprised to see one of their models in the list of winners in this category. I do know for a fact that the motors they put in their appliance is of the highest quality.

And if you get the motor quality and longevity covered, people tend to forgive minor design flaws.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.8 / 5 .

Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper

Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food ChopperThe fact sheet:

Some of the PROs the consumers are reporting:

  • just what I needed for small jobs, I’ve been using it for a year and a half now and it works just as well…the only change is that the plastic is becoming a bit yellowish…
  • it does just what it says on the box…
  • I was obviously wrong when I was judging it by the buck I spent and expecting it to last a few months only…a year now and still going strong…
  • Fast delivery, got it the next day…
  • it’s so good as a chopper, I wish it came in a bigger size…I would so replace my big food processor with this…
  • after 6 months of use all I can say is – full 5 stars product…

CONs – a few of the most relevant negative reviews:

  • died after the second use, I am sending this back…
  • not as good as I expected, especially if you want to use it for dicing…
  • doesn’t come close to my old Ninja, throwing this away and getting myself another Ninja chopper…

Review resume of Black & Decker EHC650

Here, we have something a bit different compared to the two previous entries to the list.

When I say this I primarily mean it’s obviously built for lighter tasks.

Still, the Overall Quality Rating compiled from the customer review is 4.6 / 5.

Review of Hamilton Beach 72860 Stack and Press electric chopper

Hamilton Beach 72860 Stack and Press 3-Cup Glass Bowl ChopperThe fact sheet of the chopper:

  • one the few choppers with a glass bowl
  • easy to use – press the lid to start and release it to stop
  • blades are finest stainless steel
  • designed with a cord storage
  • dishwasher safe
  • get a very good deal here on Amazon >>>

Some of the most relevant PROs as per the customers:

  • amazing value for the little money it costs…
  • it’s just as good as my Breville that died on me few months back…and costs 5 times less…
  • finally somebody thinking straight about the bowl when making these things…my old chopper was infused with the smell of onions 3 months in, try making a strawberry smoothie in that…worth it just for the bowl…
  • safe for my child since the lid has to be on to start…
  • chops evenly without pulverizing the food…

Customer CONs:

  • loud little thing…

My review resume

This review took a lot of time to compile since I was looking left and right for reviews and mentions to get enough of a sample for the model to be applicable.

But I’m happy I did as it turned out to be one of the winners.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.5 / 5.

Review of KitchenAid KFC3511GA 3.5-Cup Chef’s Mini Electric Chopper

KitchenAid KFC3511GA 3.5-Cup Food ChopperSpecifications:

  • perfect size for single servings
  • versatile – works well for anything from making sauces to chopping
  • compact modern design
  • blade is stainless steel
  • volume 3.5 cups (bowl is BPA-free certified)
  • speed – 2 pre-sets for chopping and pureeing
  • bowl and lid are safe for dishwasher use
  • 8 color choices
  • Buy at

PROs ass reported by the consumer reviews:

  • this one is a looker, real eye candy, especially if you don’t like same old black and grays…
  • shipped very fast and works just as described…
  • very quiet for the power it packs, it’s better than I expected…
  • I do still love my food processor but unless you have a big kitchen to keep it on the counter at all times it gets old getting it out every time you need a little something something…this was just the thing I need for those times…
  • so small, perfect for small portions of baby food…
  • cleans up super easy, which is a huge plus for me…
  • it’s great that it’s so easy to take apart and assemble, very handy for travelling with a baby…
  • a testimony of how little you really need, I don’t feel the difference between this and my old chopper that was twice as big and three times as expensive…
  • chopped onions in a couple of seconds…no tears, and the results are nice and even, not pulverized much like with my old B&D…
  • it didn’t seem that way when I got it, but it’s very durable, a year of use and not a single crack…
  • I’m changing my favorite kitchen brands. I was huge on Braun products until I got this cheap little thing. Amazing balance between, price, functionality and quality. Thank you…

Some of the negatives the customers have seen – the CONs:

  • it arrived with cracks in the plastic, I am waiting for a new one…
  • they got it wrong with the pressure needed for it to work…you need to really press hard. I called them, and they said that’s not how it supposed to be, but it’s been 10 days and I’m still waiting for a replacement…
  • nah, not that well made…

Review resume of KitchenAid KFC3511GA

One of the smallest and best looking choppers on the list. Most of the other entries can be used for batches of food for at least a couple of people, but this KitchenAid is really designed for single servings – just something to bear in mind.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.5/5 – solid value for the money.

Final thoughts

Just taking a look at the list and thinking it worked out pretty nicely – a little something for every taste. Especially when it comes to design, from minimalistic Krups to cheerful and colorful KitchenAid.

Chopper vs. Processor

As we are wrapping things up in this guide, let’s take a step back and look at few scenarios when a chopper would be the preferred choice:

  • you live alone or in a household of two and only need smaller batches
  • you have a small kitchen, and you don’t need a food processor every day, so you store it between uses – a chopper is a great solution here, you won’t have to take out that beastly food processor every time you need something chopped or pureed
  • you just love having a small handy thing like a mini chopper because you don’t want to clean your food processor every time you crave a smoothie

One thing that I’ve seen over and over in reviews is this – people telling stories about having both and ending up using the chopper much more – up to the point where they feel bad for spending the big bucks for the food processor.

So, before making a buying decision, take a moment to think about your needs.

That’s pretty much it folks. What you have on this page are the best of the best in small electric choppers. You can hardly go wrong with any of these.

Take care.


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