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The advantages of my review:

  • completely unbiased since they rely heavily on customer reviews
  • the results are always fresh – I update the results bi-monthly to make sure that what you see on this page at any point in time is relevant

Here is how we’ll go about it in this review:

  1. We’ll unveil the winners right away in a synoptic table including their Overall Quality Score
  2. We’ll look into each of those in digest reviews that will point out their main strengths and weaknesses, so that we can paint a better picture of the product
  3. I’ll wrap everything up with my final thoughts

So, let’s start:


PictureModelConclusionRead more
The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food ChopperPampered Chef
Cutting Edge
Manual Mini
Food Chopper
Our Favorite
Chef'n Veggie Chop Hand-Powered Food ChopperChef'n VeggiChop
Mini Food Chopper
The runner-up
Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop Mini Manual chopperKuhn Rikon
Swiss Pull Chop
Mini Manual chopper
The best design
Maxam Vegetable Mini Manual ChopperMaxam Vegetable
Mini Manual Chopper
The cheaper
Kitchen King Manual Food ProcessorKitchen King Pro
11-piece Ultimate
Food Preparation
The splurge

Digest reviews of each of the TOP 5s in the manual mini chopper category:

Review of The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Manual Mini Food Chopper

The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food ChopperThe specifications:

  • blades are stainless steel of the highest quality
  • complete product is dishwasher safe
  • simple processing – just pump and chop
  • durable and great with anything from soft baby food to nuts

See more customer ratings on amazon >>>

The PROs reported in user reviews:

  • what I love the most about this chopper is that you have total control of the size of chunks, one or two pumps, and I have nice big chunks for a veggie soup, a few more pumps and I have minced veggies…
  • have been using it for a year now, and it sill works as well as the first day…
  • didn’t expect much for that price but I was pleasantly surprised at how well this chopper was built…
  • just right if you are into camping, packs and cleans so easily…
  • I replaced my old Slap Chop with this chopper. I did spend a bit more, but this is way better…
  • great customer service…mine arrived chipped, and they replaced it within a week…
  • very easy to put together and take apart…
  • it’s good enough for my husband who’s a chef and was reluctant to get a chopper for a very long time…this chopper made him come around and admit that it is a time saver, and the results are just as good as his fancy French knives yield…
  • I love how easy it is to clean…
  • after getting the Pampered chef, I just think of the time wasted over the years chopping nut manually convinced that a chopper would turn them into butter…
  • My family loves coffee cakes, and I need a lot of chopped pecans for the topside, this chopper has been a huge time saver…

The CONs:

  • it feels flimsy…we’ll see how it will stand the test of time…
  • the blades became dull in a few months, I guess that it’s not “completely dishwasher safe” after all…
  • I thought this was easier and less complicated to use and clean…

My review resume of The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Manual Mini Food Chopper

I worked as a quality assurance manager for years, and I can say (I am not bragging) what’s a critical flaw and a red flag with an appliance.

Pampered chef is kind of high-end brand in the niche of mini processor – it costs a bit more but the quality is superior.

So, let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

I stumble upon a review saying that the blades touch the sides of the bowl and scrape shards of plastic into the food. Would you think that a respected brand like PC would release a product to the market with such a critical flaw?

One product with such a serious issue and the company is hammered into the ground – no way to recover from something like this. This is a product that people make baby food in, for God’s sake.

So, there are two ways this can happen – extreme reviews like this can be:

  • bogus reviews from their competition
  • real reviews from someone (forgive me for being blunt here) without much of a common sense

It’s harsh to say it I know, but if you really do see something like this, you just replace the product and get a new one. It’s common sense that you received a flawed product.

Where is the answer in this confusing jungle of market?

It’s in the numbers. That’s why the method I am following only rates products with a sample of reviews that’s big enough.

With the sample size increasing, the relevancy increases, since most of the websites that features reviews (like Amazon, eBay etc… are pretty good at picking up on the bogus reviews) and in the larger number of reviews, these loose their meaning.

But I digress…let’s get to our product.

Overall Quality Rating of this Pampered Chef is 4.8 / 5.

In my humble opinion, one of the two best manual choppers on the market today.

Review of Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Mini Food Chopper

Chef'n Veggie Chop Hand-Powered Food ChopperThe fact sheet – as the company lists it:

  • touch sensitive – not a lot of pressure needed for chopping
  • not electricity dependant, just the right choice for small kitchens, travel and camping
  • efficient with anything from chopped nuts to guacamole
  • storage lid designed for convenience
  • all parts are dish washer safe

Read more customer reviews on this amazon dedicated page >>>

The PROs – most relevant positives the users report:

  • it does take getting used to, because you expect less power, and I went wild the first time I used it…surprisingly powerful for a manual chopper…
  • my main plus with this chopper is how easy it is to clean…
  • I got this as a present from my daughter and after two months I ordered six more, because these make for a great gift…
  • it’s God-given if you have little counter space
  • the first chopper that I used ever, and I’ve went through 4 already, that does a good job with tomatoes – chopping them without making a tomato sauce…
  • very even results, unlike my old hand crank…
  • I am not a chef, but I just love cooking. I was not a fan of using a processor because it turns everything I need chopped into a mush.
  • I gave this chopper a go because I figured you’d have more control, and I was right. I am using it on everything from Ropa Vieja to onions…
  • I guess it’s the design of the bowl or the blades or whatever, but no large chunks of food sticking to the walls that you’d have to scrape off with a spatula…
  • very good buy for the money, it paid for itself many times over…

The CONs as per the end users:

  • it got stuck the first time I tried to cut a pepper…
  • the plastic top on mine broke after just a few months of use…
  • it spread some kind of a plasticky odor for days…
  • Not my cup of tea…my main complaint is uneven chopping…

My review resume

This is the model that has been shaking and baking the market in the last few years.

As we said, with all these products, you’ll see negative reviews, but what I am looking for when going through these are patterns that would be a deal-breaker.

No such thing here.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.7 / 5 – that says a lot.

Review of Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop Mini Manual chopper

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop Mini Manual chopperThe basic fact sheet:

  • top quality stainless steel used for the blades
  • 3 pre-sets of chopping – chunky, medium and fine
  • stays in place while processing – base in non-slip
  • designed for easy cleaning

See the amazon offer here.

The main positives reported in consumer review of this Kuhn Rikon – the PROs:

  • I have way more control when making salsa than with my food processor
  • I am a skeptical buyer, and I did my research before getting this chopper. It’s not only about the money but the hassle of going through returns and all that stuff I’ve experienced in the past.
  • It was worth it – this chopper is a keeper and works just as advertised.
  • razor sharp blades, works great but be careful when washing them…
  • I like my nut butters chunky and this gave me just the control over the process I needed to get the consistency just right…
  • you wouldn’t expect something this small and cheap to be this well made, we’ve been using it every day for 4 months now, and it works just as well as the day it arrived…
  • super fast shipping…
  • surpassed all my expectations…way better than my old Braun chopper…
  • I was pleasantly surprised with the job it did on the potatoes, just as good as chopping them with my trusted knife…

CONs – some of the most relevant negative chosen from user reviews of Kuhn Rikon:

  • a completely smooth inside of the bowl would be a much better solution and would’ve made it easier to clean…
  • the space between the bottom and the lower disc is too high, so there’s always unprocessed chunks there…
  • if you are big on pureeing stuff, look elsewhere…
  • might work for smaller batches but will never replace my main food processor

Review resume of the Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop

I must admit here that I was surprised to see this brand climb to the top 5 in this list. I know Kuhn Rikon, but I know them best as a company that makes those small handy peelers and hullers.

Anyway, Overall Quality Rating of 4.6 / 5 – great for a company that doesn’t specialize in the field of small appliances.

Review of Maxam Vegetable Mini Manual Chopper

We have something that stands out here. Most people getting a manual food chopper do so because it’s convenient, small and easy to clean.

This Maxam stands in a category of its own, let’s see why.

Maxam Vegetable Mini Manual ChopperThe specs:

  • cones used for chopping are stainless steel and dishwasher safe
  • rest of the appliance has a chrome finish
  • primary use – salads and fries
  • you can buy it online at

The PROs – from the relevant customer reviews of this Maxam:

  • I was thinking about getting a SaladMaster for 4k before getting this one. I had demonstrator for SaladMaster come over to show us what this high-end thing can do. Now that I have this, I really see no difference in the results between the two…
  • Making salads just got so much easier, I’m loving this thing…
  • Solid and sturdy, it looks like it’s built to last…
  • It’s so simple to use and a breeze to clean…
  • I am still keeping my food processor because this Maxam can’t do many things (like smoothies or hummus) but it’s great at the things it’s made for…salads, kraut, fries…
  • At first glance, I thought that it would not be safe for me since I am not very handy with these things that have the blades right there in the open. I was wrong there, when my husband got it in the end I understood the design much better. Bottom line – really safe to use…
  • I am so glad that I finally got this thing for salads, none of my 3 old food processors did a really good job…
  • amazing for grating hard cheese…

Main CONs:

  • I found it hard to assemble and change the cones every time…
  • takes up too much space on my counter…
  • the instruction manual is confusing…

Review resume:

As I said, this one is a rare beast. It’s not meant to be used for some of the stuff the other entries to the list are.

But it seems that it’s great at what it’s designed for – salads, fries and grating stuff.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.7 / 5.

Review of Kitchen King Pro 11-piece Ultimate Food Preparation Station

A lot of big words there…pro, king, ultimate…let’s take a closer look at this one and see what the users have to say about it.

Kitchen King Pro 11-piece Ultimate Food Preparation StationSpecs:

  • versatile – designed with add-ons for anything from chopping, mixing, julienne cutting, cream whipping…
  • assorted colors
  • sure-grip bottom to avoid the appliance moving
  • Buy from Amazon

The PROs – the most relevant positive user reviews of Kitchen King Pro:

  • I like the control you have when using this manual thing compared to the food processor. With some foods, the food processor would just pulverize half of it and leave the other half bouncing around the bowl…this gives you control and nice even results…
  • the best salsa I ever made…
  • at this price, it’s a steal…
  • great for making whipped cream, didn’t see that coming…
  • super easy to use and clean…

The CONs – as per the customer reviews:

  • the handle broke after just one month of use, total waste of money…
  • I received a fake, nowhere on the box does it mention Kitchen King Pro, it’s something called Dessini made in Italy

My review resume

The bottom line here is – this product received great reviews.

What I am worried about is seeing too many reviews reporting that they received a product that looked exactly the same, but is labeled as something else.

Not really sure what is going on there and just these days I am looking into it, trying to figure out what’s going on, so that I can come back and report here.

Anyway, Overall Quality Rating of 4.6 / 5.

Final thoughts after reviewing the best manual mini choppers

Nothing much to add, if you are getting a manual food chopper you have your set of reasons and specific needs.

I am here as a messenger and pretty much a laborer doing the research, so you don’t have to.

The final choice comes down to your needs and taste.

My role is to keep this page constantly updated so that the products you see here are the best of the best in manual choppers at any given moment.

If this was at all helpful, I am doing something right 🙂

Be well and make wise choices,

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    Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop Mini Manual chopper. I have this chopper and enjoy using it to chop onions and garlic. I can make a fast tuna salad, egg salad, and anything else I want to chop small. I don’t find it hard to clean. Rinse it out with hot water and place in dishwasher.

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